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  • He has a male cat, but he is unable to buy a female cat for it Date: 6-5-2010

    Respected brother I have an imported male persian cat which is with me for 3 yrs now . I take very gud care of it but my question is will it be a sin for me to keep d cat away from its female company . I cannot get another female cat as it will cost me 10000 to 150000 rupees and secondly these persian cats require extra care for grooming etc ..Their.. More

  • Beauty treatments for women Date: 29-12-2005

    What is the Islamic ruling regarding treatment of women at beauty parlors? What else is Haram (except removing eye-brow hairs)? Please clarify so that we may stop doing them... More

  • Making Du'a and reading Qur'an in language other than Arabic Date: 4-8-2002

    I'm an American Muslim who doesn't speak Arabic. Can I make (Du'a), e.g. when entering the bathroom or hearing the thunder in English or must I say it in Arabic? Can I read the Qur'an in English? I have one with both English and Arabic, but I just started learning Arabic... More

  • Hanging pictures in the home Date: 27-7-2002

    I became a Muslim about 3 months ago. Please can you explain the reason why we are not supposed to have pictures up in our home? I can understand if the pictures are of 'Idols' i.e. someone famous etc, but can't understand why we cannot have pictures of ourselves and our families on the wall, as we are not worshipping them like we would usually worship.. More

  • The "perfect" age to marry Date: 17-7-2002

    I want to ask when is the 'perfect' age for marriage. A friend of my mother knows a brother who is looking to get married so, my friend's mother wanted to nominate me. Should I say yes and wait till I finish high school (I'm 16) or should I get married now?.. More

  • Having female friends in US and touching Date: 15-5-2002

    I want to know is it ok if I am in USA and every one have female friends and it is just friends but sometimes touching happens, is it bad?.. More

  • Different schools of Islamic thought Date: 13-5-2002

    I'm student in the University of Stony Brook, New York. I sometimes disagree with brothers in the MCA. They sometimes claim that they have to follow Hanafi and they just don't pray Asr with us. I mean it's somehow separated (Shafi'e and Hanafi). Would you please clarify the differences between Imam Shafi'e and Imam Hanafi ?.. More

  • Masturbation in marriage Date: 4-5-2002

    Is it permissible for my husband to masturbate over me, without me actually touching him and swallow his sperm? Is it also permissible for my husband to place his erect penis between my breasts, to hold them and masturbate?.. More

  • Giving reward for Qur'anic recitation to deceased relatives Date: 4-5-2002

    1. Is it permissible to present the reward of recitation of Qur'an to dead relatives?2. Is it correct to present the reward for more than one person?.. More

  • Delaying prayers and performing them all together Date: 21-4-2002

    I am learning. So, I delay all prayers and perform them at home all together. How should I perform them?.. More

  • Woman traveling alone by plane Date: 30-3-2002

    Can a woman travel alone, if the journey is less than 24 hours and is by plane?.. More

  • Using soap containing gelatin Date: 10-2-2002

    Is it Haram/Halal to use a soap that contains gelatin?.. More

  • Images and decorations Date: 4-2-2002

    I work in a carpet store where the rugs include some animal designs. In addition we sell toys in images of bears and the alpaca, the animal whose wool we use in the rugs. My religious friend told me that the animal's designs is example of creation of Allah and he said that there's more problem because some customers buy this rugs not only for the floor.. More

  • Eye cosmetics in the work place Date: 8-1-2002

    I have question about cosmetic materials use for eyes in the workplace... More

  • Entering the Friday prayer after it began Date: 1-1-2002

    If I entered the prayers on Friday and the Imam had already started the prayer. Do I pray two Rak'ah or do I have to pray four Rak'ah?.. More