• Khurshid NehalCanada - Canada 15-3-2009

    Alhumdolillah,you guys(islamweb)are doing excellent Dawah work and guidence to muslims.may Allah reward your good deeds,hear and hearafter,aameen.

  • Khawaja KashirPakistan - Pakistan 15-2-2009

    A highly informative site.

  • ramseyUnited States - United States 15-2-2009

    in sha allah palistine will be free soon

  • JamadUnited States - United States 14-2-2009

    Asalama Alaikum

    When I first saw this site, I was very amazed.It was very helpful.It makes you feel good of who you are. I am very proud to be a muslin and a good one.

  • Aneel AdamMaldives - Maldives 14-2-2009

    Asalaam Alaikum

    I am really pleased to see this website. Specially to the option for us to ask question about matters related to Islam. It give so many beneficial information and everything is thouroughly explained.

    May Allah Bless to people who take care of managing this website.

  • safiya adanUnited States - United States 12-2-2009

    I would like to thank the people who wrote this web site i have came here. i was the first prson i my family to see this web site and now every one in my family goes here and may Allah bells you and your family.

  • Mohamedali(nidurali)India - India 3-2-2009

    Assalamu Allikum,
    Your service to the society must be appreciated .I pray ALLAH for you.
    Add more items to download and that may be useful to all.

  • DYemen - Yemen 18-1-2009

    Assalam Alaikum

    I am pleased to see such dedication, this site provides a safe Islamic environment for learning to all.

    Much success


  • Zubeyda ZubeyrSomalia - Somalia 30-12-2008


    I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to create it ! its helped me so much .
    May Allah bless you for such informative site

  • ZakkiyahSouth Africa - South Africa 1-12-2008

    Alhamdulillah,this is a very informative yet comprehensive resource-Jazakumullah for all your effort!!

  • Lubna United States - United States 1-12-2008

    I am very happy to see the Hajj movie.

  • saraUnited States - United States 29-11-2008

    I am a sister of 17 I live in Algeria for now 5 years I love islam because of its beuty that you feel inside and I belive that the best thing someone can do is support others to embrace islam for it is truly what the heart needs

  • shabnamPakistan - Pakistan 26-11-2008

    Asalaam Alikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuhu
    I just read some topics in islamweb and i am really proud to be a muslim and i really appreciat thoes who made this site May Allah shower his blessing on them
    Allah please forgive us.

  • Yunusa Shehu HadejiaNigeria - Nigeria 14-11-2008

    Salam, dear brothers its my great pleasure meeting this site, as it was educating and informing. May Allah in His infinite mercy continue to shower His blessings upon the founders, moderators and visitors of this site, amen.

  • Ayman Abu SalehFinland - Finland 2-11-2008

    Salam 3alikum : my regards for you all . Ayman .

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