23 Ramadan

01/08/2010| IslamWeb


 23 Ramadan
- The Death of Shaykh Abu Al-Hasan ‘Ali Al-Hasani An-Nadwi at the age of ninety. He wrote many books and studies on the Islamic Ideology. The Shaykh was one of the most prominent scholars of the Indian subcontinent and he exerted great efforts in disseminating Islamic Da‘wah in every corner of the Muslim world – 1420 A.H.
- The Muslims defeated the Persians and killed Yazdajird III, the last of the Sassanid kings, thus ending their rule in Persia - 31 A.H.
- The Death of Shaykh Salah Ad-Deen Kubbaarah, the Shaykh of the Quran reciters in Tripoli, Lebanon. He was one of the most prominent Lebanese and Arab reciters in the modern age. Shaykh Kubbaarah assumed some important positions, mainly he was chosen to be the Quran reciter for Radio Palestine in 1948, an official reciter in Al-‘Umari Grand Masjid in Beirut, and a representative of Lebanon in many conferences. He assumed the position of acting Mufti of Lebanon. He died on the 23rd of Ramadan at the age of eighty – 1420 A.H.