Suffers from Whispers about End of Her Menses

9-5-2019 | IslamWeb


JazakAllah khair for your answer. 1. I wanted to know that if I check for end of menses immediately after istinjaa I ll not have any discharge because I have just cleaned and checking like that would be wrong. So how long should I wait after istinjaa to check if I have any discharge. If I wait, suppose half an hour and check and find dryness, I might feel it is because I just cleaned. On the other hand if I check, eg after 2 hrs and find wetness I might feel that in between there might have been dryness which I missed because of delay in checking. This is causing me lot of distress. 2. I suffer from waswasa and take a lot of time in doing ghusl. 1hr for sufficient ghusl and 2hrs for complete. And for this reason I want to take only sufficient ghusl. Is it okay or is it like listening to shaytan whispers 3.In Fatwa 364015, you have mentioned that there is no difference between dark yellow and light yellow whereas in fatwa 174955 you have described the yellow colour like that of egg yolk, meaning if it is other yellow(light yellow) then it is not menses. Please clarify 4. You have said that until I sure that I am completely dry, it is implied that I am in my menses. But I am a person who gets waswasa or may be OCD. So for me to be 100% sure of dryness is difficult. Is it okay if I check for dryness and predominantly feel that my period has ended. 5. When I check for dryness using tissue, I check multiple times because if I check just once I do not clear all the discharge present at the vulva and there can be a possibility that the remaining discharge is menses. Is this right? 6. When I check with tissue, I look at the tissue very keenly to see if it is discoloured (because of OCD) . Please advice. I have referred many fatwa on your website. Please write answers specifically to my questions. May Allah reward you.


All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) is His slave and Messenger.

We give you general advice to repel these whispers, ignore them, and not pay any attention to them as giving in to them leads to a great evil.

We are going to answer your first question only as of the policy of the site.

We say that becoming pure from menses is known by one of the two signs: whiteness, which is a white discharge known by women that indicates the end of menses; and dryness, which is when a woman inserts a cotton pad in her vagina and it comes out clean without any traces of blood, or yellowness, or brownness.

When a woman notices that she is pure, she is obliged to perform Ghusl (ritual bath), then if she sees any discharges afterward, she does not care about them, whether they are yellowish or else.

However, if the yellowness is connected to the bleeding, then she should not perform Ghusl until this yellowness stops.

Some scholars are of the view that if the purity is for one day or half a day, and if it is by dryness, then she does not pay any attention to it, because the blood usually comes and goes.

This view is maybe better for you as you are suffering from whispers, so you may act according to it.

For more benefit, please refer to Fataawa 395488, 361450, 355546, 323464, and 231715.

Allah knows best.