What is Freemasonry?

19-5-2002 | IslamWeb


I m a master mason in Lebanon, and I read your article about the connection of freemasonry with the Judaism and the universal Zionist. As a matter of fact, I didn't notice any serious connection during my freemasonry period. So being a Muslim, and proud of it, I only want you reply to me with more facts concerning freemasonry and I really want to help you by relating to you to all my rituals in the lodge.


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

Freemasonry is a secret Jewish order, dated to the Roman Era, founded in Aurshalim (Jerusalem) when "Herodus Aghriba" was a king of Jews between 37-44 AD., who was the grand son of "Herodus The Great", the killer of Bethlehem's children for fear of the appearance of Jesus who, according to his belief, was doomed to destroy Herodus' kingdom.
Freemasonry's first aim is to fight "Christianity". Then, their aim developed to fight all religions, re-establish Israel and to return to Palestine. In 1717, freemasonry appeared under a new name: Freemasonic society or Freemasons, demonstrating its manifest fight to religions. They took also a new logo: Triangle and divider then, they established their first masonry lodge in Britain, taking a new motto: freedom, brotherhood and equality. After that, they issued a decision presenting their true goals as follows:
1) To maintain Judaism.
2) To fight religions, especially Catholicism.
3) To spread atheism and libertinism.
Afterwards, more new freemason lodges were established in USA. So, many Muslims were misled by the motto of freemasonry, and then, joined it. But, when they recognized its true goals they washed their hands of it. Most of those we gave up such order refused to publicize its secrets fearing to be killed. Many studies by western writers and official Jewish bulletins, and specialized researches prove that Jews have been planning to spoil the world through "bright slogans", that Muslims are to beware of them. Their well-known motto says: 'Religions lead us to separation while freemasonry leads us to union'.
It is reported in the Masonic encyclopedia issued in Phila. in 1906 that every Masonic lodge must be a symbol to a Jewish temple (and it is in fact), every teacher must be a representative of a Jewish king and every freemason must embody a Jewish worker.
In a Masonic bulletin issued in London in 1935: 'Our wish is to organize an order whose members adopt the sexual relations'. Thus, they established clubs for naked people and did their best to ruin moral values.
To obtain their goals, freemasons assumed different names such as children of covenant, Kiwanis, Lioness, Yahweh Presence, Exchange, Rotary clubs and so on. Charles Mardine, in his book "Rotary and the like" published 1936, presented useful information in this regard. Here is some information about each Masonic group and club mentioned above.
1) Children of Testament (covenant). This Masonic group was established in New York in 1843; members were only Jews. Then, it had many branches worldwide. Forster Dallas, in a meeting held by this group on 03/05/1966, said: 'Western Civilization is based on Jewish Creed; all Western countries are to defend the stronghold of their Civilization: Israel'.
2) Kiwani 'Know by yourself how to make your voice audible'. This group was licensed to be established in 1915 in Detroit, USA.
3) Lioness. This branch appeared in Chicago, the motherland of all Rotary clubs. According to al-Ahram paper of 02/12/1985. The Minister (female) of insurance and state for social affairs inaugurated the first Lioness club No. 19 in Cairo Sheraton, it is the most modern club. Signs and certificates were granted on the occasion to 27 firms. Names of cadre of this club were mentioned in the paper.
4) Exchange. Established in Detroit in USA on 27/031916 by efforts of "Charles Berki" a merchant of Jewels; held its first conference in 1917.
5) Yahweh Presence. It is a Jewish foundation in Christian attire. Yahweh is the personal covenant name of God (old Testament); established in Penn. USA in 1884, and then, moved to New York in 1909. Such an order visits people at their homes to promote its principles based on Torah (fabricated by their hands). This group is the most dangerous among Jewish societies, since it cheats Christian mob and plants in their mind false prophecies such as the Promised Land.
In 1951, secrets of freemasonry came to light as presented in a magazine of Armed forces at the hand of an officer who joined them and then revealed their secrets.
Also, an American officer revealed their secrets in his book 'The world is the Doll of Israel'; translated into Arabic.
Here, it is beneficial to mention some books written on freemasonry. Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Zu'bi wrote al-Masaniya Fil 'Aaraa (Freemasonry in the Open Air) and Ahjar on Riqa't ash-Shataranj (pawns on the Chess). Dr. Muhammad was a leading Masonic character in Lebanon. Then, he repented and returned to Islam. Thus, freemasonic orders killed him.
Here is the Shari'a ruling concerning Freemasonry and its members as issued by the Fiqh Assembly in its first session held at Makkah on 10/08/1398-15/07/1978.
Having studied and examined all what is written and published about this order, the Assembly states the following:
1) Freemasonry is a secret order, with secret principles and goals; nobody knows its secrets even most of its members, except those who assume high ranks. Sometimes works in public.
2) It builds its relations among members worldwide on false brotherly relations in order to keep its goals in secret; it comprises all religions and faiths.
3) It attracts persons and joins them to its organization by satisfying their personal benefits, since every freemason has to serve his brother worldwide, i.e. to support him to accomplish his ambitions whatever they are and to help solve his problems and secure his goals and aims; they work with one another on good and evil, justice and injustice even though they do their best to be shown only as helpers on what is good. In other words, freemasonic orders work for the sake of their, members to assume leading positions in society and this constitutes their main attraction. Its members make important contributions.
4) Joining such an order starts with ceremonial rites that show acts of terror to frighten a member if he/she violates its teachings and orders and ranks.
5) Naïve members are allowed to practise their religious rites, but they are ordered to do some tasks according to their abilities and are prepared to be atheists and to hold high ranks according to their service to its dangerous goals and plans.
6) Freemasonry has political goals and has its principal role in most coupsd'etat worldwide.
7) Basically, it is a secret Jewish and Zionist order.
8) It, in its secret goals, fights all religions, especially Islam.
9) Freemasonry chooses its members from among clever persons, rich people, scientists and each and every influential individual so that it can exploit all societies for the benefits of its goals and members.
10) It assumes different names and characters, and works under different activities where there is any form of opposition to masonry in public. Among its names: Rotary, lioness, and lions order ….
It becomes clear that freemasonry has authentic relations that help it to control and guide so many of those who are in-charge of Palestinian issues worldwide and then to take the benefit of such situation.
Based upon the previous facts concerning bad goals and evil means used by masonry, the Fiqh Assembly believes that such an order is a destructive one that fights against Islam and Muslims and everyone who joins it is a disbeliever.
And success is in Allah's Hand.
Chairman: Abdullah Ibn Humaid .
Vice-Chairman: Muhammad Ali al-Harkan .
Members: Abdul Aziz Ibn 'Abdullah Ibn Baz (May Allah's Mercy be upon him) and Muhammad Mahnood al-Sawaf .