Punctuation Symbols for Waqf [Stop]

The letter [ م ] is used as a symbol for the abbreviation for Waqf Lazim [Obligatory Stop]. If a stop is not made here, the meaning gets distorted.

The symbol [ قلي ] indicates that both stop and continuation are permitted. However, a stop is preferable.

A triangle of three dots is a symbol for Ta`anuq Waqf [Embrace Stop]. If there are two such stops very close to each other, a stop should not be made at both places. If a stop is made at one triangle symbol, another stop at the other such symbol becomes prohibited, because by stopping the meaning becomes incomplete.

The letter [ ج ] is used as a symbol for the abbreviation of Waqf Ja"iz [Permissible Stop]. At this mark a stop and continuation are equally permissible.

[ لا ] stands for the Arabic phrase [ لا وقف عليه], meaning "No stop on this." Here a stop is not permitted because it is likely to distort the meaning.

The symbol [ صلي ] indicates that both continuation and stop are permitted. However, a continuation is preferable.

Instructor’s explanation