Tanwin with Fathatain

Tanwin is an additional Nun [ ن ] that is pronounced but not written at the end of certain words (nouns and adjectives).

Although Tanwin with [ ً ] is written with an Alif, the preceding letter is pronounced as if there were a Fathah and Nun [ ن ]. The vowel of the Fathah is held for only one count (Harakah).

For example, [ بًا ] is pronounced as [ban].

The Nun of Tanwin is pronounced only if there is no pause (Waqf) at the end of the word. If there is a pause (Waqf), the Nun is not pronounced and the Alif is pronounced as usual, i.e. for two counts (Harakah).

When a noun ends with [ ى ] Maqsurah (with no dots underneath), no [ ا ] is needed, as in [ هدًى ].

Read the examples and try to spot the letters with Tanwin with [ ً ].

Instructor’s explanation