Sakin Mim

When a letter has the diacritical mark Sukun over it, it is pronounced with no following vowel. For example,

[ مِن ] with Sukun over Nun [ ن ] is pronounced "min", while [ مِنَ ] with Fathah over Nun [ ن ] is pronounced "mina".

Remember: Mim [ م ] is produced from the lips.

Unlike [ ب ] and [ و ], the air released with Mim [ م ] goes out through the nose.

Pronounce Sakin Mim [ م ] in the same way you pronounce the letter [m] in the word "come".

The pronunciation of Sakin Mim [ م ] will be sharp and clear except when it is followed by the letters Ba" [ ب ] or Mim [ م ].

Now read the examples.

Instructor’s explanation