Sunday, July 5, 2015
Ramadan 18, 1436
The House During Ramadan


One of the favors that Allah could bestow upon a Muslim is to prolong his life until he reaches the month of Ramadan and then enables him to fast it and pray the optional night prayers during it. Rewards for good deeds in this month are multiplied; ranks are elevated; and Allah frees many people from the Hellfire. Therefore, a Muslim should utilize this month and take advantage of it, and should rush to perform ...... More

Rulings on the Expiation Paid for Not Fasting


Question My grandfather is sick. I give on his behalf ten Dirhams per day from his own money as an expiation for not fasting. I do this sometimes after the Iftaar (sunset meal that concludes the fast), sometimes in the morning, and other times before the Iftaar. Does this free him from liability? Is it enough? What intention should I have when I give this ransom? Answer All perfect praise be to...... More

"A Muslim is he from whose hand and tongue Muslims are safe." [Muslim]


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