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Rajab 9, 1436
Showing respect for customs and traditions


Man is born without any experience and then is influenced by the customs and traditions from those around him. In this way, customs and traditions are conveyed from one generation to the next. Customs and traditions appear in the actions and works practiced by individuals that is oft-repeated and represents a daily or cyclic program for their life. Customs are actions that are a norm for people to do and are repeat...... More

Loving for the Sake of Allah is an Obligation


Question salam alaikum Love and Sake for Allah is best....... but can it be said that it is """"OBLIGATORY""""" to love for the sake of Allah..... for there are many who love people for friendship...... I wanted a cnfrmaion whether it is OBLIGATORY OR RECOMMENDED(mustahab)" and how authentic is this narration that martyrs will envy people because ...... More

"Allaah, The Exalted, becomes angry when a person does what Allaah has declared unlawful.'' [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]

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Showing respect for customs and traditions



'Abdullaah Ibn Umm Maktoom



Points to Ponder for Smokers


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