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In Western countries, there is an emerging trend towards enacting laws aiming at the segregation of the two genders and defining separate places for each. This is due to the bad consequences that these..

A caller to the way of Allah The Almighty narrated, "Our neighbor is an old lady who is more than seventy years old. We feel sorry for her when we see her going in and out [of her house] alone, with..

Seventh: Not to wear perfume When the woman works outside the home, she must not wear perfume or be scented with incense. Scholars of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) stated this condition among the conditions..

Third: The permission of the husband or the guardian The permission of the husband or the guardian of the woman must be obtained before going outside her home to do permissible work, because they are..

Islam did not order women to work in the fields of public life for the sake of material gain. But at the same time, it does not forbid her from working. Hence, the matter is basically permissible but it..

• Shaykh Ibn Baaz, may Allah have mercy upon him, answering the advocates of permissiveness and necessity of intermixing between the sexes: In answer to the Director of San‘aa’ University,..

• Imaam Ash-Shaafi‘i, may Allah have mercy upon him, said in his book Al-Umm, "I do not like women to be buried with men in a single grave as long as there is no necessity. However, if this..

Society has developed an awful materialistic perspective, which is that if girls graduate and are not hired to work for others, there will be a disaster, as their efforts during the years of study have..

They do not advocate the right of working women, especially teachers, to suitable work opportunities near their home cities not faraway so that they will not take the trouble of traveling to foreign places..

In this day and age, we see more and more Muslim women entering the world of work. Sometimes this is out of necessity; sometimes it is due to the woman’s need to contribute to society in some way..

The woman who stays at home is the woman who has a real full-time job to do. This is a fact that must not be forgotten. It should not be forgotten either that society needs some women to do certain specialized..

It is odd for a Muslim to see the workings of humans against their very own nature. The most evident example of this is demonstrated in the ongoing world movement to “Empower Women." The movement..

Intermixing between men and women is an extremely dangerous issue and a widespread evil. The evil and harm that afflicts societies that mix freely are the best proof of this. Hence, the opinion that comes..

Those who advocate women’s work outside the home support their calls with the economic benefit of woman’s work outside the home and its effect on raising national productivity. They usually..

A woman going to male doctors When a woman is obliged to go to a male doctor to examine her, it is necessary to expose part of her body. What is the ruling on that? It is..

Total 27 articles


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