17 Ramadan

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17 Ramadan

- The beginning of Revelation to the Prophet - 13 years before Hijrah

- The Great Battle of Badr - 2 A.H.

- Death of 'Ali Ibn Abu Taalib may Allah be pleased with him - 40 A.H.

- Death of the Mother of the Believers, 'Aa'ishah may Allah be pleased with her - 58 A.H.

- The Death of Imaam, jurist and Haafith ‘Abdullaah ibn Thakwaan Al-Qurashi Al-Madani, nicknamed Abu Az-Zinaad. He reported Hadeeths from a group of the Companions, and scholars of his time testified to his formidable acquirement of knowledge. Abu Az-Zinaad died suddenly in his washroom on the night of Friday, 17th of Ramadan – 130 A.H.


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