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  • Accidentally Opened a Horoscope Date: 9-7-2020

    Asalaamualaikum. I was scrolling through facebook and this post came up and said swipe a heart pattern on your phone keyboard (as most keyboards have swipe predictive text nowadays) and post what word pops up. I did this with the intention of curiosity and doing it for fun just to see what would happen. The word that I saw triggered a thought such as.. More

  • Mentioning Murder in Novels and Stories: Is It Disbelief? Date: 8-7-2020

    Salaam. I want to know if being pleased related to things prohibited in the sharia applies to the one who writes them in stories. For example if one was to write or read a story which involved murder, but the person knows in real life murder is prohibited and a sin and fully acknowledges it. But this same person writes a fictional story which involves.. More

  • Bathing and Touching Her 11-Year-Old Step-Son’s Private Parts Date: 8-7-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum. In regards to details mentioned in question_2759376, am I sinful for making my 11 year old son naked in front of me unintentionally and does this action lies in committing adultery? What is the punishment in Islam when one touches other’s private parts except husband and wife and also the punishment when one is naked in front of.. More

  • Manner of Retribution on the Day of Judgment whether in Regard to a Muslim or Non-Muslim Date: 8-7-2020

    If I steal some money or property from a muslim brother and I don't apologize or give it back, I have to give my good deeds or take his sins on the day of judgement. But what if I cheat/steal/damage the property of a non muslim and do'nt give it back? what will happen on the day of judgement ? As the non muslim has no hope for paradise and destined.. More

  • Suffers from OCD that If She Fasts Entire Ramadan She Will Die Date: 8-7-2020

    For last 4 years I am suffering from OCD. But I have always regularly offered namaz and fasts. But due to OCD shaitan whispers come in my mind. My question is that now a days in Ramadhan I am having thoughts like if I fasted for all month then I will die .And intensity of these thoughts is that much that it leads to anxiety ,panic and depression for.. More

  • No Need to Explain Sex-related Matters to Children Date: 30-6-2020

    I have a son, about to be of 13 years, who has started showing the signs of puberty. My husband has decided to give him the talk related to it (including sex). The concern is, my husband has asked me that I must be present with him when he does so with the reason that if son has any queries related to a female’s body, a mother can be the best guidance.. More

  • Bank Increases Currency Exchange Rate on Weekends Date: 30-6-2020

    Hi I exchanged currency from my bank but my bank applies this rule on currency exchange on the weekends is this Riba and if I had a strong feeling that this is riba but was not compeletely sure am i still sinful for consuming Riba in this case. the bank rule on currency exchange at weekends is as follows At the weekend (Friday 00:00 - Sunday 23:59).. More

  • Ruling on the Use of Menstrual Cup during Menses Date: 28-6-2020

    assalamu alikum. is using menstrual allowed? A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid (blood from uterine lining ) and prevent its leaking onto clothes. Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone and shaped like a bell with a stem... More

  • If One Pardons The Wrongdoer, The Liability of The Latter Is Cleared In Regard To Him But There Remains The Right of Allah Date: 28-6-2020

    Assalam O Alaikum Background: My father and my uncle (Fathers' only brother) had recently distributed inherited property (Land) between themselves. At the time of distribution, my whole family (excluding our father) has not good relationship with our uncle due to some clashes. Me and my father went to uncle for property distribution and asked to.. More

  • A Muslim Follows the Truth Regardless of the Math-Hab He Imitates Date: 28-6-2020

    Assalamu alaykum va rohmatullohi va barakatuh! I have downloaded I I I have downloaded from your site books for women and anothe books.. But my mazhab is hanafi. It is allowed to me to read them? Haven't they difference? .. More

  • The Al-Baydakh River Date: 28-6-2020

    Assalumu Alaikum wa rahmahtullah wa barakatuhu. I heard about the river Baydakh. I searched the internet for more knowledge about it but I can't find anything. Could you please tell me about it. I know it doesn't make me enter Jannah and avoid Hell but I am wondering if that is where the Hoor will grow. I am also wondering if that is where the inhabitants.. More

  • Suffers Great Difficulty in Falling Asleep and Waking Up Date: 25-6-2020

    Sheikh, I have a serious issue falling asleep, I had it since childhood. Now, I have started to pray 5 times a day, and sometimes I hold myself awake until fajr time, prays and than go to sleep, but I cant fall asleep and quite often I just lie in my bed and try hard to fall asleep, often after 4-5 hours I fall asleep and than if I wake up again for.. More

  • No Harm in Teaching the Two Girls in the Presence of Your Sister Date: 25-6-2020

    AssalamuAlaikum sheikh. I am a male person. Can I be a tutor of two girl students(non maharam) along with my own sister? So as the number of total students is 3 and the girls are in hijab together then will I be sinful for teaching them? .. More

  • The Part Of Salary That Is Equivalent To The Negligence Time Is Haram Date: 25-6-2020

    Salamu aleykum. Does not doing 100% at work or often being lazy or not knowing every area that you're required to know at work make your income haram? I know someone who graduated from pharmacy school and she worked for more than one year and did have time to look things up but she's worried that her lack of energy might have made her money unjustly.. More

  • No Specific Time for Performing Ruqyah Date: 24-6-2020

    As salamun alaykum, When should you read ruqiah al shariah, after the astronomical twillight or nautical twillight (also, which twillight does fajr begin). Jazakallahu khairan .. More