Marriage during the Month of Ramadan

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I am a young man and I am about to get married, Allah willing, a week before the month of Ramadan. Is there a contradiction between fasting and marriage in terms of sexual intercourse, given the fatigue of fasting and work during the daytime? Will my sexual desire lead me to break my fast during the daytime?


In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful Dear brother, Assalaamu ‘Alaykum. There is no contradiction between fasting and sexual intercourse. You are forbidden to have sexual intercourse while fasting, and then after breaking the fasting and getting some rest, the body restores its physical vitality. Moreover, reciting the Quran and observing the voluntary night prayer contributes to feeling spiritual comfort and relief. When one feels comfortable and at peace physically and psychologically, he can successfully have sexual intercourse. Additionally, sexual intercourse physiologically benefits the body, restores its activity and vitality and leads to greater psychological stability and happiness. Thus, one embarks upon life and worship with greater strength. You should not be worried about having sexual intercourse during Ramadan. What you have to do is to be moderate and avoid this when you are psychologically and physically unprepared or when you are tired or exhausted. As for the Sharee‘ah (Islamic legislation) ruling on marriage before or during Ramadan, it is permissible. Fatigue due to fasting is normal, and physical and psychological preparedness for both spouses is a crucial factor in terms of sexual intercourse. So, you should try not to be worried. However, you should avoid anything that provokes sexual desire during the daytime of Ramadan in order not to do a forbidden act. May Allah bless you, descend His blessings upon you and join you both in goodness. Allah is The Bestower of success.

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