An Interview with a Special Guest

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We will soon welcome and host a long awaited, special guest for whom we have longed for eleven months. He pays us a brief visit and then departs quickly after bringing joy to the hearts of both the young and the old.

We utilize this occasion to welcome our guest and ask him about his reception and the goals he intends to achieve during his stay.

Question: First, we would like to thank you for accepting our invitation, especially as you only arrived yesterday. You received, as we witnessed, a great reception by a huge crowd of people from all over the world?

Answer: I am also very happy to be with you in this show and very happy with the hospitable reception that I received. However, this is not something new for me. Every year I receive a similar joyous welcome. All praise is due to Allah, the numbers of people waiting to receive me are increasing every year.

Question: Your annual visit has been a tradition for more than fourteen centuries and each time you arrive, you find this warm welcome. What is the secret behind this?

Answer: It’s very simple. Anyone who travels for a long time is heartily received upon his return by his family and loved ones. They long for him as well as for his precious gifts. The traveler does not return home empty-handed.

Question: But there is a big difference between the gifts that a normal traveler brings and the ones you bring.

Answer: Yes, of course! There is no comparison between perfume, clothes or books a traveler may bring and the forgiveness of Allah The Almighty, the chaining of the devils, comfort, tranquility and the other gifts that I bring, is there?

Question: Of course, there is no comparison whatsoever. Let me ask you about your opinion of those who receive you.

Answer: There is an obvious difference among the people who receive me. There is a difference in their sincerity, deeds, knowledge and behavior. Some of them accompany me the whole month, day and night. Some of them accompany me only during the day and turn away from me at night to follow TV serials and shows that are broadcast on satellite and local channels. This prevents them from the complete pleasure of my company.

Question: In your opinion, what is the cause behind such a difference between those two groups, though their sources and fundamentals are the same?

Answer: The difference stems from each group’s understanding of the real reason behind my repeated coming. The first group realizes that the purpose behind my coming is not tourism, rest and sluggishness. Rather, my coming is for activity, for rest and sleep to depart during the day and night; for staying away from family and children, quitting desires and entertainment, doing a lot of good deeds and giving charity.

On the other hand, the second group sees my advent as a mere fun trip and considers it a call for laziness, preparing banquets, and participating in parties, dancing, singing and immorality.

Question: What are the most joyful and the most saddening matters during your stay?

Answer: There are many pleasing and saddening matters as well. Some of the matters that please me are:

- The reception of the children who have not reached the age of puberty, to the extent that some of them strive and accompany me the whole time though they are not obliged to do so.

- The reception of the new beloved ones whom I did not see among the people waiting for me before. I find them longing for my coming with their new lives and their new garments. I notice that some women are a bit shy with their new clothes and that they crown their heads with Hijab (Islamic covering) upon my arrival.

- The mosques which are full with people especially in Fajr (morning) and Taraaweeh prayers. The most pleasing thing is the young people who frequent mosques. They are the hope and future of this Ummah (Muslim nation).

- Mutual kindness and cooperation among my beloved ones where a lot of charity and benevolence are given. This makes people happy with my coming. There are other matters but there is no room to mention them all.

On the other hand, there are many more matters that sadden me, such as:

- The aversion and indifference of many of my followers to me, to the extent that some of them do not even know the time of my arrival.

- Disunity that I find among my beloved ones in the way that each one of them wants to have me only for himself and tries to scheme for his brother.

- The imprisonment and captivity of some of my followers who suffer from detention, torture and oppression. Yet, they are keen on receiving me from inside their prison cells and sending me messages of welcome, telling me that they still keep their pledge and that the incurred oppression increases their love for me and their closeness to me.

- Extravagance and squandering in banquets and parties whose hosts take advantage of my advent in order to achieve political or personal interests. Meanwhile, they do not care for the poor, who do not find anything to satiate their hunger.

- Losing heart and enthusiasm soon after my arrival or after my departure. Some people lose the zeal that they had upon receiving me, return to their previous state of committing sins and procrastinate with regard to their repentance without bearing in mind that they may not meet me the coming year.

Question: Truly, there is no end to the delightful conversation with you; however, we are limited by time. So, what is your last advice to your followers?

Answer: I advise all of them to sincerely return to Allah The Almighty Who honored them with Islam. I advise them also to utilize my period of stay. I instruct them to adhere to patience in the face of the trials from the enemies of Allah. Finally, I urge them to unite and gather together to return the pride of this true religion.

In the end, we thank our honorable guest for this beneficial interview. See you soon next year, Allah Willing.

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