20 Ramadan

1939 0 610


 20 Ramadan

- The conquest of Makkah - 8 A.H.

- The Death ofthe man of letters, historian, and grammarian Shihaab Ad-Deen Yaaqoot Ar-Roomi Al-Hamawi. He was an excellent poet and author of great books, such as Al-Udabaa', Ash-Shu‘araa' Al-Muta'akhireen wal-Qudamaa', Mu‘jam Al-Buldaan, Al-Mabda' wal-Ma'aal fi At-Taareekh, Ad-Duwal, and other books – 626 A.H.  

- The defeat of the Ottomans near the Walls of Vienna -1094 A.H.


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