21 Ramadan

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21 Ramadan

- Conquest of Makkah. In this year, Makkah was conquered and that region was liberated from the claws of polytheism and its followers. People arrived there from all over Arabia to embrace Islam in multitudes. Makkah then became the focal point of the Islamic Da‘wah (call) from where it spread its light everywhere – 8 A.H.

- Death of Ibn Maajah, a great scholar of Hadeeth known for his "Sunan", acollection of 4000 Hadeeth - 237 A.H.

- Death of 'Uthmaan, the founder of the Ottoman State, who was succeeded by Sultan Orkhaan as a ruler - 726 A.H.

- Khayrud-Deen Barabasosa was appointed the Admiral of the Ottoman Marine Forces - 941 A.H.


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