Our Salaf's endeavours in calling to Allah – II

Our Salaf
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Examples of our Salaf (predecessors) calling people to Allah:

The Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, shouldered this responsibility during the lifetime of the Prophet  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) and after his death. They were very zealous in calling people to Allah and guiding them to the right path. This is why they, may Allah be pleased with them, would even invite people to accept Islam just prior to fighting them in battles, because their objective was not to kill and shed blood, but rather to convey a divine message.

In the war against the apostates, Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, sent a letter to these people with his army and it was handed to them before the battle started, it stated the following: “I have sent so and so heading an army consisting of the Muhaajiroon and the Ansaar as well as those who followed them in righteousness. I have commanded him to not fight or kill anyone until he calls them to return to Allah. We will accept anyone who accepts and submits to this call and we will help him remain upon virtue, but the one who refuses will be fought and killed.”

‘Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, wrote a similar letter to Sa’d Ibn Abu Al-Waqqaas, may Allah be pleased with him, which stated: “I command you to call anyone you meet to Islam before fighting him. The one who accepts and submits to this call before the battle will become one of the Muslims and his rights will be just as theirs.”

When Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed, may Allah be pleased with him, was about to fight the tribe of ‘Adiyy Ibn Haatim At-Taa’i, may Allah be pleased with him, he sent him to his people first, in order to call them to Islam before the battle commenced, and ‘Adiyy, may Allah be pleased with him, returned with five-hundred men who accepted the call.

The Companion's primary concern was for people to accept Islam, and this was manifested when Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed, may Allah be pleased with him, was about to fight the Christian inhabitants of a certain area. He gave them three choices: to embrace Islam, to pay the Jizyah (protection tax), or to fight. The Christians chose to pay the Jizyah, which saddened Khaalid, may Allah be pleased with him, because he had been hoping that they would accept Islam. He did not rejoice at the great financial return that this tax would accumulate, despite its huge amount, as these Christians numbered one hundred and ninety thousand people; rather, his primary aim was for them to accept Islam.

How did Islam spread to remote regions:

How did Islam spread in order to reach remote areas and far away islands? How did it reach places like China and Indonesia?

It only reached these places due to people's exertion in calling people to Allah. Muslim businessmen went to the Indian coastal cities and called their inhabitants to Islam during their trade voyages. They were so dedicated and committed in this that even non-Muslims testified to their efforts. The orientalist T.W. Arnold said about these people: “They did not waste time in sightseeing or entertainment after they were finished with their trade, but rather each individual played a role in calling the people of that area to his religion (i.e. Islam). Islam probably reached the inhabitants of those islands through these businessmen who traded as well as intermarried there.”

This is a reflection of how huge our shortcomings are with respect to calling people to Allah. How many non-Muslim work colleagues do we have and yet fail to exert any significant effort, if any, in calling them to Allah?

Encouraging calling to Allah:

We see and meet non-Muslims on almost a daily basis, but what do we say to them? Do we think that Allah will not hold us to account regarding our duty towards these people? Do we think we will not be questioned about our negligence towards them? What effort did we exert in calling these people to Islam?

If we truly are believers then should we not be eager to guide all people to Allah and introduce His religion to them?

The efforts of the disbelievers in spreading their religions:

The disbelievers exert all kinds of efforts to spread their religions. The Christians collect huge donations and prepare numerous and varied types of programs to bring people into Christianity from the Muslim countries. What have we done to counter their efforts against our fellow Muslims? What have we done to preserve the Muslim nation from their attacks and to rescue our brothers and sisters?

Another huge effort that they exert is in carrying out massacres against the Muslims, and the example of what occurred to our brothers and sisters in Bosnia is enough evidence to prove this point. The heinous atrocities that are continually committed against our brothers and sisters elsewhere also testify to this.

All this takes place while many of us are relaxed, eating, drinking and living laidback lives. How can we enjoy life when our brothers and sisters are undergoing such vicious attacks? How can all this happen while we fail to even rise to call others to Allah and invite them to Islam? How can all this happen while we do not attempt to put an end to their suffering utilising all possible means? 

So where is our affiliation with Islam? Or is it just a claim?

Our Salaf's endeavours in calling to Allah – I

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