Islamic movements in Palestine: A historical perspective - II

Islamic movements in Palestine: A historical perspective - II
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The violent demonstrations and confrontations launched from Gaza in 1982 C.E. were planned and organized by the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which were given the name of the Revolution of Mosques by the mass media.

The details of this revolution go back to 1982 C.E: in the wake of the Al-Aqsa massacre, the Israeli army forces interfered only a day after the massacre and besieged Al-Aqsa Mosque and prevented those who were less than forty years of age and those living outside Al-Quds from prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque. However, the praying men from the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Al-Muthallath and Galilee had previously spent the night in Al-Quds, expressing their disapproval of the massacre, and their willingness for sacrifice. In spite of the great number of Israeli occupation army, a huge demonstration came out, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, which was beyond the control of the soldiers, who stood motionless.
On the other hand, Israeli occupation forces besieged the city of Hebron to deny access to prayer in Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi (the Sanctuary of Abraham, Hebron). Mosques in Nablus were besieged, for fear of the outburst of demonstrations after the Friday prayer.
In Gaza, the Muslim Brotherhood distributed a handout calling upon the Muslims to return to the ordinances of Allah The Almighty, and adhere to Islam to liberate Al-Aqsa from the humiliation of the Jews. The Israeli occupation forces besieged a number of mosques in the Strip, including the Mosque of Palestine in Al-Remal, Al-Masjid Al-Omari, Al-Islah Mosque in Al-Shuja’iya, the mosque of Amal district in Khan Yunis, and the mosque of Al-Shati camp. The demonstrations were launched after the prayer, with the call of ‘Allahu Akbar’. The Zionists dispersed the demonstrations with tear gas bombs, and struck the demonstrators with batons, causing many injuries .
In Gaza, the youth of the Islamic bloc came out in a huge demonstration on October 11, 1987 C.E., where they fixed barricades in the streets, threw stones at military vehicles, and gathered inside the campus of the Islamic University of Gaza, leaving eight people injured. Those demonstrations were held in response to clashes between a group of Muslims and the Israeli armed forces in Al-Shuja’iya on October 7, 1987 C.E., where four martyrs from among the youth of the Islamic movement were killed.
The Islamic movements held many demonstrations, and called for an overall strike on many different occasions.
The Revolution of Mosques in April 1982 C.E. erupted as a result of a Jewish soldier intruding on Al-Aqsa Mosque and randomly firing at the praying Muslims. The protests and demonstrations organized by the Council of Students of the Islamic University of Gaza erupted in October 1987 C.E., led by the Palestinian MB, leaving a number of demonstrators injured. Reporting on this, Al-Bayaadir As-Siyaasi magazine wrote under the following headline: “The Islamic University is the stronghold of the Intifada.” Another issue of the same magazine talked about the incidents inside the university, saying, “The Islamists had previously won 65 percent of the votes in the elections of the Council of the Students in November 1986 C.E. The council then led the protests in the university after four persons were killed in Al-Shuja’iya during clashes with the Israeli army, resulting in tens of injuries.”
Indeed, it was a sweeping violent Intifada by Islamists on October 7, 1987 C.E., in response to the martyrdom of four Muslim youths in Al-Shuja’iya neighborhood in Gaza on October 6, 1987 C.E. The youth of the Palestinian MB in Gaza ignited violent demonstrations and confrontations.
In his book Al-Juthoor At-Taareekhiyyah Wal-Meethaaq (Historical Roots and the Charter), Dr. ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam wrote a chapter entitled: “The Zionist colonization’s position from the Islamic awakening”, a part of an article written by Shaykh Yoosuf Al-Qaradhaawi published in Al-Ba‘th Al-Islami magazine (vol. 23, issue no. 9) in which he mentioned that Israeli newspapers wrote a great deal about the Islamic awakening, and published many declarations made by Israeli leaders about the danger of Islam and the Islamic awakening.
In an article published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on February 12, 1979 C.E., a Jewish writer said, “What worries us is that the national foundations, on which the situations of the Arabs inside Israel were based, have started to change into religious foundations.” He added that real danger has started to threaten the stability of the Middle East and a great part of Africa, as a result of the spread of a sweeping Islamic revolution launched by Muslim extremists.
According to a famous Jewish historian specialized in the modern history of Palestine, “The mosques are always the source of calling the Arab masses to rebellion against the Jewish existence.”
The Jewish Professor Albarich said that Islam’s political and social power is capable of uniting the masses, especially in the West Bank where Muslim religious scholars endeavor to unite the Muslims against the Jews.
The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas published on June 20, 1986 C.E., reporting from a foreign newspaper that: “The new awakening of Islam disturbs Israel very much. Israel knows, for certain, that in the event of failure of peace talks with Egypt, it would be the target of the Holy War of Jihaad to be waged by the increasing Islamic awakening.” It added that even in Hebrew universities in Israel, Muslim Arab students had started to grow their beards and perform acts of worship, and Muslim girls started to wear the Islamic dress code accepted by the Sharee'ah (Islamic law).
In the seventies and eighties, secret military associations and organizations were formed. In 1979 C.E., the MB founded an armed military organization in Palestine that was occupied in 1948 C.E. It carried out tens of military operations and destroyed many Israeli economic facilities in Palestine. However, it was discovered in 1980 C.E., and the Israeli occupation authorities detained more than sixty youths from among the members of that organization for intervals that reached fifteen years. Begin’s adviser for Arab Affairs Gor Arih, stated that had this movement not been discovered at the right time, surely, the security and future of Israel would have been put in danger.
The Palestinian MB in Gaza founded a new military organization in 1983 C.E., which was discovered by the Israeli occupation authorities. It was led by Shaykh Ahmed Yassin, the General Secretary of the Islamic Academy in the Strip. Shaykh Yassin was sentenced to 13 years in prison by an Israeli court. Among the charges launched by the court against Shaykh Yassin is his attempt to destroy Israel and establish an Islamic state in its place. Shaykh Yassin was released in 1985 C.E. in a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and the Popular Front.

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