Islamic movements in Palestine: Hamas - III

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Hamas’ view of the U.S.

According to Shaykh Ahmad Yassin,
The American administration has been blind all the time, and America is more Zionist than the Hebrew state itself. Zionist Christians in the U.S. and Britain are more enthusiastic for the Zionist entity than the Zionist (Jews) themselves. That is why the U.S. and Britain are on the same line of enmity towards the Arab and Islamic Ummah. The American policy is entirely biased toward the enemy, and deprives our people of any right of self-defense, whereas it gives the occupation the right to kill and ruin. For this reason, American policy is unsuccessful, and it should be confronted by the Islamic Ummah, and the American political and economic interests in the region should be put to threat, until America awakens and retracts from its positions. Furthermore, it is unreliable in solving our case, for it works in favor of the Zionist existence and security in Palestine.
Hamas’ foreign relations
  1. Hamas believes that differences of opinion about political developments does not stand against establishing connections and relations with any party that is willing to support our people’s steadfastness and resistance of the Zionist overwhelming occupation.
  2. Hamas is not interested in the internal affairs of any state, nor does it interfere in any government’s domestic affairs.
  3. Hamas encourages Arab and Islamic governments to resolve their disputes and unify their attitudes towards national issues. However, it does not side with any party against another, nor does it seek to join any political axis against another.
  4. Hamas believes in Arab and Islamic unity, and blesses any effort in this respect.
  5. Hamas asks all Arab and Islamic governments, parties and forces, to assume their duties to endorse the cause of the Palestinian people, and support its steadfastness and confrontation of the Zionist entity, and facilitate our movement to fulfill its mission.
  6.  Hamas believes in the importance of dialogue with all international governments, parties and forces, regardless of their faith, nationality or regime; and it is willing to co-operate with any side to serve the just cause of our people, and enable them to restore their legal rights, and inform the global public opinion about the inhuman practices and measures of the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people.
  7. Hamas never seeks enmity with anyone on the basis of faith or race, nor does it antagonize any state or organization that does not stand against the Palestinian people, or support the Zionist occupation in its hostilities against them.
  8. Hamas is keen on limiting the arena of confrontation with the Zionist occupation to Palestine, and not to transfer it to any area outside Palestine.
  9. Hamas expects that all countries, international organizations, and world liberation movements will support the just cause of our people, and denounce the suppressive practices of the occupation authorities that violate the rules of international law and human rights, and create world public opinion to pressurize the Zionist entity to end its occupation of our land and holy sites.
Hamas’ relation with the Palestinian National Authority
Hamas understands that its involvement in a military confrontation with the Palestinian authority achieves an important aim and realizes some of the aspirations of the Zionists. This concept has been reflected on the positions taken by Hamas, which decisively avoided any conflict with the Palestinian authority. Furthermore, Hamas is of the view that the Oslo accords are but a misleading formula to liquidate the Palestinian cause, and provide security for the Zionists at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people. However, at the same time, it is committed to oppose and endeavor to abort those accords by means of peaceful popular resistance, with no involvement in violence against the Palestinian authority and its leaders. The movement believes that the authority and its political project are doomed to fail and will be restricted to the aspect of security contained in the Oslo accords.
Hamas believes that Palestinian blood is sacred, and it is impermissible to be involved in Palestinian-Palestinian clashes, whether with the Palestinian National Authority or any Palestinian under any pretext; and that the main battle should be with the Zionist enemy.
Khalid Mish‘al, the head of Hamas’s Political Bureau said,
Many are those who push Palestinians to engage in clashes, on the top of whom are the Zionist enemy and the Americans, as well as the enemy’s agents in the Palestinian arena. There will be no clash, Allah willing, because of the rationality of Hamas’s leaders and Palestinian resistance forces on the one hand, and the high level of awareness among our Palestinian people on the other hand. Those masses are biased, thanks to Allah, to Hamas and the resistance movements. Consequently, we assure the Ummah that there would be no Palestinian-Palestinian clash, especially on the part of Hamas and the other faithful; and we hope it would not be on the part of any side: our people have suffered enough in the confrontation with the Zionist occupation.
He added,
No doubt, we have exerted great effort, in the past and present, to avoid any such clash, and this is highly appreciated by our people. Our premise, in Hamas, is always keenness on the national benefit of our people; even if it should be at the expense of Hamas’ private benefits.
Under all circumstances, we would remain, Allah willing, keen on the sanctity of Palestinian blood, and no matter how much the conditions might worsen, we would not be dragged into an internal Palestinian conflict. But at the same time, this does not mean surrendering to the position of the authority or of any party calling for Palestinian-Palestinian conflict. Our position is to reject such destructive policies, without falling in the trap of inter-Palestinian fighting. The guarantee to do so, after the care of Allah The Almighty, is the gathering of the majority of Palestinian masses round the resistance force, and other resistance factions. In other words, the majority of Palestinian people who side with the resistance program, and support the men and factions of resistance, will be the guarantee, after the help and care of Allah The Almighty, to prevent a state of Palestinian-Palestinian fighting.
Hamas’ position towards the political settlement project
Hamas believes that the political process, in its present form, is unacceptable. It considers that resistance is the only choice to remove the occupation from historical Palestine, and that the Palestinian territory, from the sea to the river, is an Islamic endowment; no inch of which should be compromised.
Hamas refuses to be a part of such settlement, or to take part in a government produced from that settlement. It had previously refused to take part in the 1997 legislative council elections.
Mish‘al said,
After ten years of suffering, or rather, destruction because of Oslo and its ensuing calamities, we, the Hamas movement, along with the majority of Palestinian forces and the public, will never accept to return to the Oslo approach, nor to reproduce it under new titles. Some people say today that ‘Oslo has ended’, just to reassure us. It is true that Oslo may change in name, but its approach and philosophy is ongoing. Hence, we call for the abandonment of the settlement approach entirely, along with all its various names, and instead to assemble around the efficient and effective resistance program, which seeks to achieve Palestinian national objectives. A comparison between the fruit of less than two years of Al-Aqsa Intifada and the fruit of ten years of Oslo suffices to show the truth, and reveals that there is no choice for our people but the resistance program.

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