Sharing food of the orphans when visiting them

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Assalaamu alaikum

Would you kindly give us an elaborated fatwa of how we have to deal with orphans relatives or orphans in general. Are we allowed to drink their water or eat their food when we visit them as older brothers/sisters or relatives?

Some times it disturbs the orphans not to share with them when people are in their homes, they say why you come to see us if you do not want to share any thing with us!

It may create a psychological problem specially in the minds of the very young ones.

Jazaakumullahu khairan and God bless you


All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) is His Slave and Messenger.

In principle, it is impermissible to eat from the wealth of the orphan, but an exception is made by Sharee‘ah to the guardian of an orphan's property, who is allowed to eat from it according to what is acceptable if he is in need; Allah The Almighty Said (what means): {And test the orphans [in their abilities] until they reach marriageable age. Then if you perceive in them sound judgment, release their property to them. And do not consume it excessively and quickly, [anticipating] that they will grow up. And whoever, [when acting as guardian], is self-sufficient should refrain [from taking a fee]; and whoever is poor - let him take according to what is acceptable.}[Quran 4:6] Hence, in principle, the non-guardian of an orphan's property is not permitted to eat of his property. That the orphans are not pleased with others' abstention from eating of their property does not count, for none of them has the right to give permission concerning his property before he becomes of age.

But the advice we give here is that whoever visits the orphans may bring to them something of food or other valuable gifts of money or clothes, which allows for him to mix his affairs with theirs, so that what he eats would not be more than what he gives. Thus, he combines both things. Allah The Almighty Said (what means): {And they ask you about orphans. Say, "Improvement for them is best. And if you mix your affairs with theirs - they are your brothers.}[Quran 2:220]

 Allah Knows best.

Fatwa answered by: The Fatwa Center at Islamweb 

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