Women's Liberation Movement: A Critical Look - II

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The women's liberation movement has a long history. Since its early stages until today, it looks at the individual, not the family, as the constituent unit of the society, which leads to a decreasing affiliation to the familial structure. Due to this social perspective, the woman loses her role as a wife, mother, sister, or daughter, and the man loses his role in the family as a father, brother or son. Both men and women see each other as classmates, work mates, intimate friends, or secret lovers. Moreover, they no longer take into consideration the issues of marriage and building families, as their lustful desires are freely met without shouldering any responsibility.

Women's liberation movements have many powerful plans to demoralize women and bring them out of their houses. They have even managed to carry out their vicious plans in many Muslim countries, some of which are:

The first plan is to fabricate a problematic issue:

Many people will not react unless there is a problem that disturbs and troubles them personally. The callers for women's liberation are keen on manufacturing issues concerning women that need discussion. Hence, the mass media focuses on the extent to which women suffer, how oppressed they are, how one-half of the society is neglected, and how they are not getting all their rights. They carry on this idle propaganda until they have deceived people by giving them a false impression of the existence of an issue for women, which may actually be quite insignificant.

On the one hand, it is an undeniable fact that there are some transgressions against some women, on their fathers' or their husbands' part. Such transgressions are undoubtedly grave mistakes, and are a normal outcome of neglecting the true teachings of Islam. This is because if such a father or husband fears Allah The Almighty and adheres to the Islamic law, they would never do that and such occurrences would be unheard-of in our society.

The second plan is to weaken the religious immunity of Muslim societies gradually:

This plan is put in effect until the society loses zeal for its religion and beliefs. When they manage to do so, they start spreading various types of immoral practies amongst people. Here are some examples of their methods to weaken the religious immunity in Muslim societies:

• Promoting lewd magazines and newspapers that publish disgraceful pictures of women.
• Spreading deviant thoughts through the media and the newspapers, so people get used to hearing and reading such things.

The third plan is their call for equality with men:

This call is logically rejected by common sense and reason, and by Islamic law. For instance, a sensible person cannot be expected to say that men should work in taking care of children in the hospitals. Likewise, it is unreasonable to say that women should be allowed to join the army, work in large industries like automobiles and construction, or participate in drilling wells.

The fourth plan is the call for women's liberation:

Of course, there is no one who hates the freedom, and no one who loves to be restrained. In this sense, the advocates for what is called 'women's liberation' rely excessively on the theme of freedom, as if women were slaves and they seek to set them free. Moreover, the use of this term also presents these callers for the corruption of women as saviors and merciful people, after they were regarded as aggressors and corrupters.

Those who have been deceived with their villainous thoughts should be aware of the fact that there is no absolute freedom without restrictions. The limitations of human abilities are enough to eliminate the concept of 'absolute freedom'. Additionally, it is necessary for society to legislate laws and regulations in order for their lives to go on smoothly. For example, no one in possession of their senses would consider putting the traffic lights in the streets as a kind of suppression of the freedom of people, as it is a necessary obligation that helps in traffic management. It is true that this traffic light may force you to stop for a minute or two. However, the benefit of putting these traffic lights with restraining the people's freedom for a while is much better than if they were removed. This is because these traffic lights are the main reason behind protecting people from terrifying accidents. Similarly, the adherence of women to the restrictions of the Islamic Shari'ah will definitely keep them from falling into vices, indecency, kidnapping, rape and killing, and any wise person would know this.

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