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  • Report details dire plight of Syrian children

    Rights group finds at least two million children have suffered malnutrition, disease and severe trauma during conflict. An international children’s' rights organization has released a report highlighting the severe plight of Syrian children during the regime’s two-year crackdown. UK-based Save the Children said on Wednesday that at least.. More

  • Torture taint hangs over Iraq death sentences

    For three years, Nadiha Hilal has begun each day waiting to hear if she's become a widow. Hilal's husband has been awaiting execution since he was sentenced to death in 2009, along with 10 other people in a case that illustrates Iraq's deeply troubled criminal justice system. Iraq's Justice Ministry said the number of prisoners given death sentences.. More

  • Irregular Afghan forces in focus for abuses

    Abdul Rahim was in Kabul when the raid on his family home took place. When he returned to his house in Maidan Wardak province in eastern Afghanistan, he found blown-off doors, shattered windows and closets in disarray. But what Abdul Rahim remembered most were the faces of his brother Nasibullah's children. Hours after seeing their father shot dead.. More

  • Syria's internally displaced grow desperate

    As darkness descends on the dreary refugee camp bordering Turkey, hungry residents queue for the daily distribution of meager rations. Displaced Syrians wait in the long line with tin and plastic containers, hoping those dishing out food will provide enough to feed their families. Shortages of all kinds of supplies, particularly food and fuel, are.. More

  • Jailed Palestinian hunger striker faces death

    "He is chasing death," Samer Issawi's sister, Shireen, says. "My brother is in serious danger." Issawi, 33, has been on a hunger strike in an Israeli jail for more than 203 days. Initially released by Israeli authorities in an October 2011 prisoner swap, Issawi was re-arrested in July 2012 and told he would have to serve the remaining.. More

  • Syrian town begins a return to civilian life

    Asem Halaq sits in a war-damaged, colonial-era building in central Azaz and looks at the pile of dossiers stacked atop his desk. Just down the road in Aleppo, war is raging. Yet here in Syria's relatively safe opposition-controlled north, a semblance of normality is taking hold and civilian-organized judicial systems are beginning to emerge. In the.. More

  • Syrian town takes strife in stride

    The center of Salkeen in northern Syria looked deceptively normal, just a day after the town came under lethal regime air strikes. Shops were open for business. Residents strolled through the main square. Children could be seen playing in the narrow streets. Yet a closer look at the streets of Salkeen revealed the brutal scars of war. Away from the.. More

  • Israeli wall isolates Palestinian communities

    Shops are shuttered, and their signs are slowly rusting. Most apartment windows are broken, while those that remain in their frames are covered in dust. A single mechanic's garage is operating, though cars seldom drive through the area. This neighborhood once housed approximately 250 Palestinian families and dozens of bustling shops and businesses... More

  • Yemen's Government Tries to Cover Up Death of Civilians by US Drones

    A rickety Toyota truck packed with 14 people rumbled down a desert road from the town of Radda. Suddenly a missile hurtled from the sky and flipped the vehicle over. Within seconds, 11 of the passengers were dead, including a woman and her 7-year-old daughter. A 12-year-old boy also perished that day, and another man later died from his wounds. The.. More

  • Israeli Oppression, Palestinian Unity: the Rise of the Third Intifada?

    After a ceasefire was brokered to end Israel's eight day siege on Gaza earlier this month, Israel has continued to attack Palestinians in a number of ways: showing an unwillingness to give up its pursuit of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, withholding tax revenues indefinitely from the Palestinian Authority, and continuing to fire indiscriminately.. More

  • Israel expansion threatens West Bank Bedouin

    On the dusty slopes leading to the Dead Sea, the red roof tiles of Israel's illegal settlements flicker in patches of sunlight as distant mosque minarets of nearby Palestinian villages peek through the hills. Adjacent to this route linking Jerusalem with the Jordan Valley lie several Bedouin communities leading a simple existence. Eid Khamis, who.. More

  • US Military Detains More Than 200 Afghan Teens as 'Enemy Combatants'

    More than 200 Afghan teenagers have been captured and detained by the US military, the United States told the United Nations in a very troubling report distributed this week. In recent years, the US has received criticism from a number of human rights organizations for failing to meet commitments to protect children in war zones. The report was written.. More

  • The voices of Gaza's children

    The only protection the Awajaa family has against the Israeli rockets is a thin tarpaulin, stretched out over a small plot of land. The tent, where they have been living on and off since their house was turned to rubble in the 2008-09 Israeli war on Gaza, is one of the first houses on the border, located a mere few hundred meters away from Israel. ".. More

  • The tragedy of a targeted Gazan family

    "For a split second I thought it had struck our neighbor’s home. The next thing I know, I’m waking up in hospital," said 19-year-old Nour Hijazi, lying in a hospital bed in Jabaliya’s Kamal Edwan Hospital with a shattered spine. The Hijazi family, consisting of six boys and two girls, were sitting with their parents watching.. More

  • Gaza hospitals face dire supply shortages

    It's not yet been a week since the latest Israeli aggression in Gaza began, but already the casualties on the Palestinian side are proving to be overwhelming for overstretched hospitals. Since the initial Israeli air strike that killed Ahmad Jabari, head of Hamas's Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, on November 14, Israel's military said it has struck.. More