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  • EU urged to ban Israeli settlement products

    The European Union (EU) must impose a total ban on Israeli settlement products entering its markets and ensure that Israeli companies operating in the occupied Palestinian territories are not benefitting from EU-Israel trade agreements, according to a new report. "Given that trading in settlement goods amounts to a form of recognition and supports.. More

  • Despair sweeps Philippine storm survivors

    Weeks after Typhoon Bopha tore through the southern Philippines leaving more than 1,000 dead and hundreds missing, residents of this town are still adrift on a sea of hopelessness. Anna Jane Saigod, 16, is not sure about how to fend for herself and two other siblings who survived the storm. Twelve members of her family - parents, a younger sister.. More

  • China timber trade 'fuels climate change'

    China's skyrocketing demand for timber to fuel its economic boom is driving illegal logging and contributing to the destruction of forests in Asia and Africa, needed now more than ever to halt climate change, a new environmental report says. China is now the biggest international consumer of illegal timber, according to the report from the Environmental.. More

  • Gazans denied day in Israeli courts

    Israeli policy of denying Palestinians entry permits prevents Gaza citizens from seeking damages for abuses suffered. Maher Ismail Abu Daqqa has been waiting more than 10 years for justice. He was 40 years old when, in August 2001, Israeli soldiers fired at his car at an Israeli military roadblock in the Gaza Strip. From the village of Bani Suheila,.. More

  • Nigeria accused of abuses in Boko Haram fight

    Nigeria is illegally holding hundreds of people suspected of participating in violence perpetrated by the armed group Boko Haram and is denying them access to lawyers, an international rights group has said. Amnesty International alleged in a report released on Thursday that most of those imprisoned around the country are held without criminal charges. So.. More

  • Palestinian farmers fighting to survive

    For Palestinian farmer Esam Foqaha, agriculture is more than a profession, it's a way of life. "Farming is not only a job. It's our lifestyle and we will do it forever," Foqaha said. Foqaha lives in Ein Al-Beida, a Palestinian agricultural village located in the West Bank's northern Jordan Valley area. With his three brothers, he cultivates.. More

  • On the receiving end of Israeli 'impunity'

    Looking back at other victims who, like Rachel Corrie, came under Israeli attack and then were deprived of justice. The death of 23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was a "regrettable accident", an Israeli court has ruled, in a verdict that was neither surprising nor unfamiliar. Corrie was crushed by an Israeli Defense Force.. More

  • Israel restricts Jordan Valley water access

    At a time when the Palestinian Authority is facing a severe financial crisis, a report by the UK-based non-governmental organization Oxfam International has revealed that Palestinians could generate an extra $1bn a year by some estimates if Israel removes restrictions on the use of land, water and movement in the Jordan Valley. "The Jordan Valley&helli.. More

  • Israeli blockade takes its toll on mental health in Gaza

    Stress-related and mental health disorders are on the increase in the Gaza Strip, brought on by loss of jobs and dignity, and lack of freedom under Israel's blockade. For as long as Farah can remember, her father has never worked. Nor, in recent years, has she particularly wanted to spend time with him. She and her three younger siblings love Abu Shawareb,.. More

  • Srebrenica: A town still divided

    Mina Subasic slowly walks with a cane into the missing persons' identification center in Tuzla, northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the table in front of her is a handful of bones. Her face frozen with pain, Subasic listens to a forensic expert who explains why it would be good if the remains of her 20-year-old son, Mesud, were buried on July 11, along.. More

  • West Speaks with a Forked Tongue on the Arab Spring

    By Haroon Siddiqui We profess fidelity to democracy, especially in the Arab world. But our commitment seems to come with the caveat that the will of the people is acceptable only if it confirms our prejudices. If not — as in Egyptians’ choice of the Muslim Brotherhood for both parliament and the presidency — some of our leaders,.. More

  • Rising prices ignite Sudan street protests

    In a small roadside market in Khartoum, Ali is leaning across the piles of neatly folded trousers he is selling, trying to keep the attention of his one potential customer. It is a difficult job, especially once he tells the man the price. The cost of the trousers he is selling has nearly doubled in recent weeks from 20 Sudanese pounds (SDG), or about.. More

  • US trafficking report reveals 'modern slavery' toll

    More than 42,000 adults and children were found in forced prostitution, labor, slavery or armed conflict in 2011, a US government report has found. Some 9,000 more victims were identified around the world than in 2010, the state department report said. But the number is just a fraction of the estimated 800,000 people trafficked across borders every.. More

  • The Dronification of Planet Earth

    It’s now commonly estimated that more than 50 nations have drones, are making plans to develop them, or are at least planning to buy them from those who do produce them. In other words, the future global skies are going to be a busy -- and increasingly dangerous -- place. They will be filled not just with robotic surveillance aircraft, but also.. More

  • NATO ‘pullout’ won’t actually remove troops from Afghanistan

    Following in the rich history of fake endings to wars during the Obama Administration’s first term, the US and other NATO member nations are loudly hyping their endorsement of a transition pact, which is being presented as an “irreversible pullout” of occupation forces. “We are now unified to responsibly wind down the war in.. More