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  • Beware of Fake Hijab

    Many young women who are said to be adhering to Hijab (Islamic covering for women) are not actually wearing the real Hijab. They assign fanciful names to disobedience and thus, call the fake Hijab the real Hijab, and call disobedience as obedience. The enemies of the Islamic awakening endeavored to eliminate Hijab during its formative years by oppressing.. More

  • The Dangers of Contraceptives

    This is a message to Muslim men and women who love Allah, The Almighty, and His Messenger and the practice of what He revealed to His selected and noble Messenger, Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullaah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, the trusted and honest Messenger, which includes abstention from all forbidden and doubtful things. This message is advice.. More

  • Points to Ponder: The True Purpose of Life

    Since we are on the path to developing greater righteousness and a better level of faith, let us consider some important points and. explain some important concepts and constants, then – Allah willing – we will state together the importance of paying attention to them. The purpose of life We often read the saying of Allah The Almighty.. More

  • The woman’s educational status in Islam

    Islam is a religion that is closely related to science, acquiring knowledge, learning and teaching. It is enough to remember that the first word in the constitution of Islam – the Quran - that regulates Muslims’ life and legislates for them is…“Read…” In principle, seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim.. More

  • Fasting Women

    We are being approached by a month of mercy, forgiveness and salvation from Hell. It is the month of fasting, praying Qiyaam (the optional night prayer) and the recitation of the Quran. It is a month during which rewards are multiplied and sins are expiated. It is a month that approaches us with all the immense mercy and abundant rewards that it includes... More

  • Hijab and Misconceptions

    Many misconceptions related to the concept of Hijab (Islamic covering for women) are the result of false customs and traditions, due to the absence of sound Islamic Creed, that lead to many baseless worries and obsessions. These misconceptions include: • Hijab is worn when the woman gets old: When the woman reaches a certain age and all.. More

  • Competition in doing good deeds

    Believers naturally have a competitive drive and are usually dissatisfied with what is low, and they never rest in this life, for they always aspire to perfection. The believer always feels that he is in a competition, and, therefore, makes his preparations and puts his shoulder to the wheel to attain his goals and to become one of the forerunners... More

  • Nutrition tips for pregnant women

    Most of us consider pregnancy a very ordinary period of life. However, nutrition specialists have not ceased studying it till now in an attempt to draw nutritional plans for pregnant women during this critical time of their life. The purpose of these plans is to ensure good health for both the mother and the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore,.. More

  • Obligation of the five daily prayers

    Prayer is the most obligatory of the Five Pillars of Islam next to the Two Testifications of Faith (I bear witness that there is no deity (worthy of worship) but Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger), and it was ordained in the best and the most perfect way for an act of worship. Prayer includes many of the acts of worship,.. More

  • Staying steadfast in turbulent times

    Steadfastness in faith has been mentioned on more than one occasion in the Noble Quran and the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition). Allah the Exalted, enjoined the Muslims to be upright in their religion, praising the steadfast people and promising them generous rewards. For instance, Allah the Exalted Says (what means): {So remain on a right course as you.. More

  • How to handle burdens

    We all have stress and burdens in our daily lives. Whether it is school or work or just the trials of life, we carry much on our shoulders. Some of us carry our own loads and some of us carry loads that we share with others, such as health problems, personal family issues, financial dilemmas, marital discord, employment troubles, and the list could.. More

  • Zakah and Hajj

    Zakah: The Muslim women pay Zakat (obligatory charity) on her wealth, if she is wealthy enough to be liable for Zakat. Every year at a specified time, she calculates how much she owns and pays what she has to, because Zakat is a pillar of Islam, and there can be no compromise or excuse when it comes to paying it every year, even if the amount comes.. More

  • Hijab protects against corruption

    Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.} [Quran 33:59] Consider with me how Allah The Almighty starts with.. More

  • Life is established on justice

    Justice is the balance that Allah has imposed for His creatures and established for fulfilling rights. It is one of the foundations upon which this world is established, and without it life can neither be orderly nor reformed. Justice leads to bringing people together and urges them to be obedient to Allah. It is also a cause of development and increase.. More

  • ‘Eesa (Jesus) in The Quran

    Let us read the interesting story of ‘Eesa, may Allah exalt his mention, with the unique Quranic style and observe the smooth dialogue to see the high status of ‘Eesa, may Allah exalt his mention, for Muslims who love, revere and respect him as an honorable Prophet and an infallible human being. Allah The Almighty Says (what means):.. More