• cawsCongo - Congo 4-10-2006

    Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great..

  • Mujeeb Rahman PCIndia - India 2-10-2006

    Thanks to Almighty Allah, to give us one more chance to purify us from our Sins. Thank you very much for this great site and the information in it. Really you have a valuable collection of audio lectures which cover many aspects in addition two the large numbers of sheikhs that you present.

  • EndiLao People's Democratic Republic - Lao People's Democratic Republic 2-10-2006

    It is a very good website. I am not Muslim but the articles in your website made me change my opinion about Islam and Muslims especially the articles in Miscoceptions section that refuted a lot of false allegations about Islam in a logic and convincing way. Thank you again

  • BruceMorocco - Morocco 1-10-2006

    This is the best website on the internet. All the time I am listening to the Audio Lectures that you have especially Sheikh Bilal Philips. I always wait for the new lectures the u download. Really it is a great service

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