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  • Bashfulness: An Asset of the Righteous Wife

    Bashfulness is the asset of the believing woman that helps her preserve her honor, dignity and status. All righteous wives are bashful in their behavior and in everything else - their clothing, their movement, their speech, their dealings and their manners. The bashfulness of the believing wife makes her more adherent to the Islamic dress code, whether.. More

  • Mothers in Islam

    The Meaning of Motherhood Motherhood is an innate disposition in normal females that makes them more merciful and compassionate. Mothers in the Noble Quran In terms of the Arabic language, ‘mother’ means the origin of everything. The expression of (what means): {The Essence (Literally: the Mother) of the Book} occurs in the Noble Quran.. More

  • The Importance of Motherhood

    At least during his initial stages, a child sees his parents as role models and examples to be followed. Hence, he imitates their words, movements and attitude. Furthermore, the child acquires his language from his parents first, then from those around him. Hence, it is the parents’, especially the mother’s, responsibility to bring up the.. More

  • The amazing potential of Muslim women

    Muslim women have the potential to benefit the Ummah (nation) in many diverse ways. The Ummah is suffering immensely in this present age and both Muslim men and Muslim women need to rise up to the challenge and help to re-establish its glory. There is much work to be done and there is no time to waste. A look at some examples in history will elucidate.. More

  • Hijab and Misconceptions

    Many misconceptions related to the concept of Hijab (Islamic covering for women) are the result of false customs and traditions, due to the absence of sound Islamic Creed, that lead to many baseless worries and obsessions. These misconceptions include: • Hijab is worn when the woman gets old: When the woman reaches a certain age and all.. More

  • The Intelligent Educator

    One day in the school Faris rushed to the headmaster’s room and entered hurriedly without seeking permission, for the matter was serious and needed to be addressed urgently. He cried at the top of his voice, “Sir! Sir! I have to tell you about something of great importance.” The headmaster sat straight in his chair and paid great.. More

  • Competition in doing good deeds

    Believers naturally have a competitive drive and are usually dissatisfied with what is low, and they never rest in this life, for they always aspire to perfection. The believer always feels that he is in a competition, and, therefore, makes his preparations and puts his shoulder to the wheel to attain his goals and to become one of the forerunners... More

  • Maryam bint Jahsh

    Muslim women excelled, not only in Fiqh, Hadeeth and Tafseer but also in other Islamic sciences. One such example is Maryam bint Jahsh, may Allaah have mercy upon her, who lived in the 4th Century; she was an expert in the language in which Allah chose to reveal the Quran (i.e. Arabic). She was married to the great Yemeni scholar Jamaal Ad-Deen ‘Ali.. More

  • Nutrition tips for pregnant women

    Most of us consider pregnancy a very ordinary period of life. However, nutrition specialists have not ceased studying it till now in an attempt to draw nutritional plans for pregnant women during this critical time of their life. The purpose of these plans is to ensure good health for both the mother and the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore,.. More

  • A Blessing to her People: Juwayriyah bint Al-Haarith

    Juwayriyah, may Allah be pleased with her, chose Allah The Almighty and His Messenger, sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and preferred Islam to polytheism and thus came to be honored as one of the Mothers of the Believers. It was reported that her father, Al-Haarith ibn Abu Dhiraar, the chief and leader of the Banu Al-Mustaliq, went to the.. More

  • Haleemah As-Sa‘diyyah: The Blessed Wet-Nurse

    Haleemah, may Allah be pleased with her, breastfed the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, until he was weaned, and he, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, remembered this as a favor from her. Abu At-Tufayl said: "I saw the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, distributing meat in Al-Ji‘irraanah. A woman came to him.. More

  • Smile to Make Your Children Happy

    The following are some lines from the diary of a child speaking about his happy childhood, "My father was always cheerful and his smile never left his face, even in the most difficult situations. This smile meant a great deal to us as it revealed how much our father loves us. This smile used to force us to behave properly and avoid mistakes so.. More

  • The Daughters of Scholars

    Islam advocates educating women and enlightening them about the teachings of religion, as this greatly influences the life of women as well as that of their children in the future. As Hafiz Ibrahim, the Poet of the Nile, said, "The mother is a school; if she is well-prepared, a noble nation is prepared." Besides, the Prophet, sallallaahu.. More

  • Saffaanah bint Haatim At-Taa'i - Generous Daughter of a Generous Man

    The father of Saffaanah, may Allah be pleased with her, was the legendary ruler who personified Arab generosity in the pre-Islamic era: Haatim at-Taa'i. When Islam dominated the region and conquests were made everywhere, the cavalry of the Prophet, sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, conquered her tribe, Tayyi’. Saffaanah, who was an eloquent.. More

  • My daughter and the inaccessible fort

    Like a wonderful butterfly and a beautiful flower, she joyously moves here and there, creating an atmosphere of happiness and pleasure. Whenever I see her, my heart and eyes fill with great delight. Once, she had a fever because of a sore throat -- a common childhood disease -- which made her little body become feverish. Her temperature kept rising.. More