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Watch Your Way

 Watch Your Way

By: A group of articles by Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed Shaker

Since Islam religion was revealed on Earth, it spread north, south, east, and west, crossing the boundaries of the surrounding countries. Islam has cleansed and purged many countries from polytheism, atheism, and calling for gods other than Allah. However, enmity has always gathered against Islam and continued fighting the soldiers of Allah year after year whenever they have a chance.

These enemies have gathered in one alliance at the loopholes of Islam, starting by successive invasions known in history like the Crusades. These wars had been raging for centuries and had been led by arms, armies, and positions.

Afterward, the war of arms and armies ended, and the Islamic world laid down its weapons. To be more accurate, the Islamic world at that time did not have a weapon to lay down or raise. Even if there was a weapon, it was useless compared to the modern weapons that came with the invaders. Ever since, the Crusades moved from the battlefield to another field; life itself.

The plan of the new Crusades was to destroy the whole Islamic world: destroying this world’s building process, knowledge, literature, morality, history, language, and past. Their plan was to build a new scheme for this Islamic world with different knowledge, literature, morality, history, language, and past. The day came when defeat occurred as it had occurred on battlefields, the Islamic World has become very weak as it was once on the battlefield; all it has are remains of weapons that are useless. 

The new Crusades have come in a fast-paced sequence, spreading their first vanguards everywhere, equipped with understanding and knowledge of the nature of this new field. You can find nations whose understanding, perception, and knowledge of the nature of this field were very poor. However, by nature, they knew that those vanguards were their enemy. Some of them fought them by the force of nature that made them hate and distrust the enemy, no matter how they pretended to be peaceful advisers. Some others fell apart, deceived by the false peacefulness and advice of the enemy. These wars have been raging between us for over a hundred and fifty years, in quietness and silence, stubbornness and precaution,  strength and attentiveness, knowledge and insight, until the enemy achieved a goal that was not expected to be achieved before; the whole structure of the Islamic world was suddenly destroyed and has been like ruins, with no resistance.

Everything that could be a cornerstone for human life has gone, such as knowledge, literature, ethics, language, and history, and the invaders replaced them with different knowledge, literature, ethics, language, and history.

The teachings that were derived from the Quran, the life of the Muslim nation, and the Sunnah have gone and were replaced with others from the ancient Pagan life and modern Christianity. The heritage that used to be inherited as a legacy has gone, and there comes to those teachings like a torrent that destroys everything; one thing went away, and another came. Our perspective, thoughts, cognition, knowledge, feeling, and language have changed. Our perspective towards Quran, Sunnah, and the traces of the ancestors have changed; some of us denied what was found in them all; some put them behind their back and didn’t care, and some others got afraid and didn’t know what to do. Some others didn’t deny nor felt afraid and asked for a way out from that thing that they deny lightly; they used the past heritage, and they came to conclusion to renew the past heritage to match with the new world and denied the old one.

Since then, the Arab and Muslim world was divided into two sects: A sect that cares nothing for the whole past, and a sect that did not care to deny, they sought to renew the past based on new grounds. Those grounds are in essence derived from the life created by the crusader among us.

This is a miniature picture of life in the present Muslim world, which one does not realize until he knows that the Muslim world is at a greater risk than the First Crusader conquest with arms, and will be subjected to a fatal defeat, followed by the complete conversion from Islam so that only the true Christian shadow of the present Christian world remains.

The advocates of this conversion, who knew or did not know, have called for this conversion everywhere in the name of the defense for Islam, in the name of the revival of Islam, and the name of the renewal of Islam, and are striving to spread their new religion – as it should be called – by all means what they believe will lead them to the defense, revival, or renewal of Islam. Over time, they will leave a profound mark on the current life of the Muslim world, and they will be followed by followers who will follow their traces, away from the first approach on which Islam was built, which they defend, greet, or renew!

In fact, those were the successors of a generation before them, blinded by the life that fascinated their eyes and shook their creed. They asked as they are asking, to defend, revive and renew Islam on a basis that was not derived from the true basis of their religion, but from the distant origin of the life of the Crusader world, which had prevailed, vanquished, and emerged their glory in this land.

This pandemic that invades the Islamic mind and Islamic life, has spread everywhere in the world, and its fever has severely infected a lot of Islamic preachers.

The tongues set off in a hurry aiming at building a new mental structure for this old Islam, whose old structure has been destroyed. Everyone wants to introduce many unstoppable talks without caution and believes that what he/she introduces is the true material that will build this destructed world.

Unfortunately, some preachers who in fact deny the first life of Islam have appeared, but they resist the non-being by extracting from this life what they are convinced of and convincing some people of what they are convinced of: there are matters in the past of Islam that may be similar to the present life, or that may correct some of the mistakes of the present life. However, they only reach this conclusion through their point of view, through their understanding, in a manner that satisfies them, and they don’t bother if their reasoning is misplaced, or that they may have interpreted things other than what they should be or different from their truth.

The works of those preachers, in fact, are nothing but a rash of this fever-ridden pandemic, with no origin other than a reaction to that fever.

If Islam continues to be like this, everything will be over. If this Muslim world is destined to have a sect that would denounce this nonsense and reconsider the true origins of their religion, that fought and destroyed polytheism and disbelief and built a solid ground that fought the non-being for 13 centuries, then, the first stage of a long and hard Jihad would begin, defying the disbelief of the tyrants by true belief, away from the whims of the heretics. It is the obedience of Allah and His Messenger that will avail. Allah Says (what means): {The Day when there will not benefit [anyone] wealth or children. But only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart.} [Quran 26: 88-89]

Finally, I say: Whoever thinks that this is pessimistic and discouraging, then let him think whatever he wants! It avails nothing against the truth in saying to the blind: you see with perfect eyesight, and it avails nothing against the truth to convince the one who has indulged himself in the doom of sin that he is immortal and that death will have no authority over him.


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