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  • In The Face of International Indifference, Israeli Brutality Crosses All Red Lines

    JERUSALEM (Islamweb & News Agencies) - In the face of on-going international indifference, Israel in the space of two days openly admitted murdering 14 Palestininians including children,literally in cold blood and continued to boast that its so-called strategy of pre-emptive killings will go on unchecked until the people of Palestine and the international.. More

  • Annan Warns Taliban

    UNITED NATIONS (Islamweb & News Agencies) - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told Afghanistan's Taliban rulers on Friday they were in violation of international law for denying legal or consular representation to foreign aid workers held for allegedly promoting Christianity. He also cautioned in a statement that the detention of the aid workers could.. More

  • Israel braces for feared Palestinian Resistance bombings

    JERUSALEM, (Islamweb & News Agencies) -Israel was braced for more Resistance bombings Saturday after occupation troops shot dead one Palestinian and wounded 10 others, and occupation authorities arrested two Palestinian Resistance men they say intended to set off a bomb in a crowded port city. As occupation intelligence reports warned of further attacks,.. More

  • International Powers Slam Israeli Retaliation

    JERUSALEM (Islamweb & Agencies) - Major world powers have blasted Israel for its takeover of Palestinian headquarters in Arab East Jerusalem in response to a Palestinian Resistance bombing in the Jewish western part of the city.Israeli police seized Orient House, the main East Jerusalem office of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and reoccupied.. More