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The Description of Hell & Its Effect on the Companions

Tuesday 30/03/2010

The honorable Companions would fear Allah The Exalted, and aspire for His reward at the same time. The nurturing which the Prophet,  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ), gave them, greatly influenced their souls. The Noble Quran describes the horrors of the Day of Judgment and its events, including the grasping of the earth and its grounding to powder, the folding of the heavens, the blowing away of the mountains, the filling of the seas with flames and their drying up, the violent shaking of the heavens, the rending asunder of the heavens, the wrapping of the sun in darkness, and the eclipsing of the moon and scattering of the stars. The Quran also depicts the condition of the disbelievers, their humiliation, remorse, despair and the invalidity of their deeds. The Quran speaks about the mustering of the disbelievers for Hell and the believers’ passage over the Siraat (a bridge in Paradise) as well as the sorting out of the hypocrites from the Muslims.

All this greatly affected the Companions. The Noble Quran describes the forms of torment in Hell in such a way that made the Companions feel as if they were seeing it with their very eyes.

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