FAQs about Islam - II

FAQs about Islam - II

Where is Allah?

Allah is the Highest. He is High above all of His creation. He ascended above His Throne, which is immeasurably greater than the Heavens and the Earth. So much greater, that the Heavens and the Earth could fit in the footstool of the Throne, and they would be like a ring thrown into an open desert. Allah is certainly the Greatest.
Does Allah look like us?
No. Allah is Perfect. He is not like any of His creation. He has told us that He has Hands, Eyes, and Face. However, all of these attributes are befitting to His Might and Glory. A Muslim does not say a single thing about Allah, other than what Allah says about Himself. Allah is Perfect and Unique.
What does it mean to believe in Allah?
It means:
1- To believe in Allah’s total Perfection and Uniqueness.
2- To believe in the Angels. We must love them all in the same way, we cannot hate an Angel; for example, it is forbidden to hate Michael who is given the charge of Rain and the vegetation of the Earth or Gabriel, who is entrusted with Revelation (i.e. he brings down the Scriptures to the prophets, may Allah exalt their mention).
3- To believe in Allah's books revealed to His Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention, taking into consideration that all of these books have either disappeared or changed, except the last divine book, the Quran.
4- To believe in His Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention, because they are His Messengers and He sent them. We cannot pick and choose, a Muslim must believe in all the Prophets of Allah, may Allah exalt their mention.
5- To believe in the Last Day: The Day of Judgment.
6- To believe in Allah's predestination of good and bad (we might consider something bad from our perspective), but to Allah everything He does is good).

When is the Day of Judgment?
Only Allah knows.
Are there signs for the Day of Judgment?
There are plenty of signs, of which many have already occurred.
To name a few:
1- Objects will begin to talk.
2- Killing will be widespread.
3- The killer will not know why he was killing, and the person who was killed will not know why he was killed.
4- The Anti-Christ will come.
5- Prophet ‘Eesaa (Jesus) son of Maryam (Mary), may Allah exalt his mention, will return.
6- Gog and Magog will be set free.
7- The sun will rise from the West (after this, there can be no more repentance.)
Do Non-Muslims go to Heaven?
Allah only accepts Islam because it is Allah's true religion given to all His Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention. He Says in the Quran (what means): "Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted of him, and he will be one of the losers in the Hereafter". [Quran 3:85]
What about someone who has never heard of Islam?
Allah is the Most Just, there is no one more Merciful than Allah. Allah said in the Quran (what means): “Whoever is guided is only guided for [the benefit of] his soul. And whoever errs only errs against it. And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. And never would We punish until We sent a messenger." [Quran 17: 15]
Thus, if a person had never heard about Islam and was never warned clearly, Allah would have a special test in the Hereafter for that person, equal to the chance that person would have had on earth.
How do we know Islam is the truth?
Islam is the only religion that:
1- Holds Allah as One, Unique and Perfect.
2- Only Allah is considered worthy of worship, not ‘Eesaa (Jesus), may Allah exalt his mention, nor an idol, or an angel.
3- The Quran does not contain contradictions.
4- The Quran contains scientific facts, which are 1400 years ahead of their time. Even though it was revealed 1400 years ago, the Quran contains scientific facts which are only being discovered now. Scientific facts coincide with the Quran perfectly, and are not at variance with it.
5- Allah challenges the world to produce the like of the Quran, while confirming that they will never be able to do so.
6- Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) (may Allah exalt his mention) was considered the most influential man in History. A non-Muslim wrote a book called “The 100” about the most influential men in history, and Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) was ranked first. Prophet ‘Eesaa (Jesus), may Allah exalt his mention, was placed third. Note that even Prophet ‘Eesaa (Jesus), may Allah exalt his mention, was a prophet sent by Allah. Would Allah allow a false prophet to be so successful? No. Even the Bible says this in Deuteronomy 18:19: “A false prophet must die.” Yet, Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) did not die until he had completely conveyed his Message and taught Allah's religion.
7- Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) had predicted many future events, and all of his prophecies have come true or are still coming true.
8- Most importantly: Allah created humankind and we know that we should only worship Him. This is an instinct that is ingrained in all human beings. Allah did not just leave us to our own resources, rather He sent Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention, in all ages and for all nations.. These Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention, were granted miracles as proof. The miracle for today’s age is the Quran. In this age there is no religion, except Islam, that worships only Allah and believes in Him as being totally Perfect, and believes in all of His Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention, and all the Scriptures.
Can anyone become a Muslim?
Yes, anyone can. There are two declarations, which are necessary:
1-To bear witness that no one deserves to be worshiped except Allah.
2- To bear witness that Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) is the Messenger of Allah.
This is the declaration of faith which makes a person Muslim, however, this should be said in Arabic.
After this, what’s next?
After a person becomes a Muslim he/she is taught about Prayers, Fasting, the Poor due, Pilgrimage. These are the pillars of Islam.
Then what?
Muslims are brothers. A Muslim should love for his brother what he loves for himself. Allah's wealth does not run out and Allah can provide for us all. We pray for each other and love each other, and love for our brothers and sisters what we love for ourselves.

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