Balfour Declaration: A Declaration of People’s Resistance

Balfour Declaration: A Declaration of People’s Resistance
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What is new in the memory ofthe Balfour Declaration?

We were taught in our schools that the Balfour Declaration is a promise made by someone who does not own [something], to [grant it to] someone who does not deserve it. Nevertheless, we do not know who Balfour is. Which is the party that does not own [the grant] and which is the party that does not deserve it?
After we realize the dimensions of the Palestinian cause, we become deeply convinced that the Balfour Declaration was in fact a declaration of a legitimate resistance and the starting point of the struggle of a nation, not a certain faction.
I contemplated the name, Herbert Samuel, a Jewish British minister who asked his government in 1908 C.E. (nine years before the Balfour Declaration) to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. He spent the next nine years attempting to put his memorandum into action until a four-member committee was formed to consider his proposal. On November 12, 1917 C.E. this committee issued what they called the Balfour Declaration, after the name of the British Foreign Secretary at that time, Arthur James Balfour.
Herbert Samuel spent eight years trying to implement his idea diligently. Who was behind this man? Which party was he working for? What is the relationship between international Zionism and the Jews since the Basel Conference?
His only aim was to have his idea implemented, because this was his historic chance before he lost the opportunity of being a British minister in the British government. Indeed, his memorandum was transformed from a dream into a reality and Britain made this ominous declaration without even mentioning the name of Herbert Samuel. However, the name is insignificant if it would prevent the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine!
Palestine was then put under the British Mandate in 1918 C.E. First, Palestine was governed by the Occupied Enemy Territory Administration, but in July 1920 C.E, the military administration was replaced by a civilian one headed by a High Commissioner.
Guess who the Commissioner was? The first High Commissioner of Palestine was Herbert Samuel! ‎
What was Herbert doing behind the scenes until he succeeded in irrigating his idea and planting it in Palestine?
The first sparkle of resistance appeared after the farce of the League of Nations consenting to the declaration‎. The Palestinian people realized the disaster that was awaiting them, hence, the Jaffa Rebellion erupted everywhere in Palestine marking the beginning of the Palestinian struggle. Then it was crowned with Al-Buraq Revolution, which started at Al-Buraq Wall.
At that time, the League of Nations officially declared that the Wall and the adjacent pavement and the Moroccan Quarter, are solely owned by the Muslim Waqf (endowments).
Today, however, Israel has fooled Bush, Blair and Sarkozy to make the world believe that they own the stolen Wall!
These revolutions erupted in protest against the Balfour Declaration and represented the beginning of the struggle of the Palestinian people. Nevertheless, this was not a completely new experiment, because when Napoleon was defeated in the face of Acre’s resistance and after killing two thousand Palestinians, pestilence plagued his soldiers. However, he wanted to return to his country as a victorious leader, so he allied with the Jews around the world and allowed them to make the first wave of Jewish emigration to Palestine. He even promised to give them a state from Acre to Alexandria.
However, Napoleon died followed by Balfour and the resistance has remained until today as the popular option that haunts those who turned the trenches into negotiation tables and lost both peace and land. Advocates of the negotiation option abandoned the Right of Return.
So, what will they say to the children who have keys given to them by their grandfathers after pledging to return to their homeland?
Today, they abandon resistance and give their weapons to their enemies to kill them. It seems that they have forgotten that Israel has displaced about one million people out of the 1.5 million Arabs at that time. What are the Arab heroes waiting for?
Do they wait until we hear about the collapse of Al-Aqsa Mosque as we heard about the fall of Baghdad? Do they wait until we hear about the demolition of Al-Aqsa Mosque as we heard about the ‎demolition of ‎Kabul? ‎
It seems that they know us well. A Zionist minister once said, “The Arabs’ cases last only for ‎three days: the first for condemnation, the second for wailing and the third for silence.”‎
No, this is not the case with resistance O Jews and Zionists!‎
Resistance will continue despite the defeatists! ‎
It is still the popular option instead of the weak collaborators! ‎
Thanks Herbert Samuel!
Thanks Balfour!
Your declaration was one of the people’s resistance that will not end unless we ‎liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque and all the Palestinian lands.‎
This is the certain promise of Allah The Almighty, not the promise of the extinct Balfour.


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