The Jews: A History Riddled with Massacres

The Jews: A History Riddled with Massacres
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Just as Deir Yassin (1948) witnessed an outpouring of blood, Gaza, today, is the symbol of a new deluge that is still flowing with blood.

The period between 1948 C.E. and 2008 C.E. is sixty years that are riddled with outpourings of blood executed at the hands of the Zionist criminals not only in Palestine, but also in Lebanon and all the occupied Arab territories. Since our Arab region was put to trial because of the Zionist rabble, Palestine and Lebanon have become twins with regard to the massacres that were committed by these Zionist gangs. One can almost imagine the slaughtered Gaza throwing itself in the arms of Jenin and Deir Yassin to join the Lebanese “Qana”, and all embrace amongst the cries and the deluge of flowing blood that has lasted more than half a century, between a wounded person supporting a mortally wounded person and giving him hope, and the latter resisting treacherous death and clinging to life, thereby giving us the glad tidings of victory.
Since the beginning of the catastrophe, Palestine had an appointment with the worst of people among the creation of Allah The Almighty, who desecrated the blessed land which was a target of their massacres.
The appointment of Palestine with the first massacre was on March 6, 1937 C.E. in the market of Haifa, which left 18 martyrs and wounded 38 people at the hands of the gangs of Etzel. Lebanon had its appointment with the first massacre in 1948 C.E., I mean the Salha Mosque massacre in the South, the same year of the massacre of Deir Yassin, the symbol of the Zionist massacres in Palestine.
The registers of history safeguard the memory for anyone who likes to remember, learn or prepare for the coming days. They expose the falsehood of the forgers, and confirm, with statistics and documents, that the Jews more than 250 massacres from 1937 C.E. until the present in Palestine, with the most odious massacre still taking place in Gaza, the patient.
In Lebanon, they committed more than 20 massacres from 1948 to 1996 C.E., beginning with the Salha Mosque massacre, and ending with the Qana Massacre II, the Marwahin Massacre, the Sour Massacre, the Bint Jbil Massacre, the Srifa Massacre and the Maron Al Ras Massacre – all in 2006 C.E. Then, the massacres returned to increase daily on the Palestinian territories, from Hebron, Nablus to Gaza, the steadfast and patient. The ruins still hide news of another series of massacres that are atrocious enough to gray a newborn's hair.
The register of the Zionist massacres in Palestine, Lebanon and even Egypt – the massacre of the 1967 Egyptian war prisoners and Bahr El-Baqar School incident in the same year, no single massacre, according to the recorded events and data, took place accidentally. On the contrary, all had been premeditated. Moreover, no single massacre had ever been committed against militants or fighters, rather against innocent civilians who were always taken unawares while asleep.
In most of those massacres, the dead bodies of women and children were horribly mutilated. In the massacre of Deir Yassin 1948, for example, Zionists killed 260 villagers and threw them into the village well, after mutilating their dead bodies.
Menachem Begin, the previous Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, allegedly a "man of peace", recorded in his memoirs his view of this massacre, and how he was proud of taking part in it, saying, "Verily, the Arabs strongly defended their houses, women and children." This operation had great unexpected outcomes. After the news of the massacre of Deir Yassin, the Palestinians, the Arabs were very frightened, and went on fleeing in terror from the land, crying, "Deir Yassin!" The 800,000 Arabs living in the Palestinian occupied territories in 1948 C.E., were reduced to only 165,000. Menachem Begin criticized those from among the Jewish leaders, who disavowed the massacre, and accused them of showing off. In this issue, he said, "No doubt, the massacre of Deir Yassin led to decisive victories in the battlefield. The state of Israel would not have been established had it not been for the victory in Deir Yassin!"
It goes without saying that all the Zionist leaders who took part in the massacres launched against the Palestinian or Lebanese people take pride in them, and rather receive valuable prizes from the Zionist community. When they retire from the army, they become political leaders either of the parties or of the state; and almost no Israeli official, like Begin, Sharon, or Peres, has ever paid the price for the massacres he committed against the Palestinian people. Nowadays, the massacres committed by Ehud Ulmert, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak are but an attempt to follow their footsteps in ruling the Zionist entity over the dead bodies of our people in Gaza!
The criminal massacres committed by the Jews throughout history extend beyond killing to retribution, on the basis of exterminating life wherever the Jews exist. They are not mistakes of war or necessities of fighting between two armies. It is rather a human nature predisposed to meanness and subsumed with heartlessness that does not observe any kinship or covenant of protection.
To make it clearer, reflect a little on the statement broadcasted by the 7th channel of the Zionist TV on July17, 2006, issued from the Council of Rabbis of Judea and Samaria (the occupied West Bank), inviting the Zionist government to issue orders to kill the Lebanese and Palestinian civilians for being allies of the enemy, emphasizing that the Torah makes it permissible to kill women and children at the time of war.
According to the same statement, the one who shows mercy to the children of Gaza and Lebanon is, indirectly, merciless towards the children of Israel.
I believe that if the devil had been able to issue statements, he could not have made a statement more odious than that of the rabbis.
Let us reflect on one of the following Jewish texts that simply invite to genocide: "The Israelites plundered all the goods of these cities and the cattle, but they totally destroyed all the people and allowed no one who breathed to live." [Joshua: 11-13]
Genocide is defined as "the regularly planned way of exterminating an ethnic group, by destroying its members." But even in doing so, their heads are raised in front of the Jews.
We are not dealing with an entity that respects humanity, or with a people that have the simplest awareness of human values. However, we are dealing with an entity that is administered by an international gang of the worst of creation on earth, whose duty is to target all human beings with their crimes and resentment. They do not accept to have a partner in the land, the water, the air, nor tolerate to see an Arab Muslim within reach of their sight. We do not exaggerate if we say that this is their way and these are their characteristics, that turned into a dogma, and by applying it, they allege to be obeying the Lord!
Gaza will not be the last massacre as long as there is a Zionist living among us, and as long as there still live among us the overpowered lukewarm advocates of defeatism.

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