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  • Saying Only What’s Good

    "May Allah have mercy upon a servant who says (good) thereupon he gains (good), or keeps silent (from evil) thereupon he is safe." [Al-Baghawi].. More

  • The Value Of This World

    "Had this world been, in the sight of Allah, equal to even a mosquito's wing, He would not have provided the disbeliever with even a sip of water thereof." [At-Tirmithi and others].. More

  • Stick to the Group

    "(To stick to) the group (of Muslims) is mercy, whereas division (i.e. to leave the group of Muslims) is torment." [Ahmad].. More

  • Religious Comprehension

    "Good is a habit (to which one is predisposed) whereas evil (leads to) contention; and if Allah intends good for a man, He endows him with religious comprehension." [Ibn Maajah].. More

  • Niggardliness

    “The worst of a man's attributes is niggardliness which causes him to be scared (of giving), and cowardice which causes him to be weak.” [Abu Daawood, Ibn Hibbaan and Ahmad].. More

  • Tolerance and Patience

    "Faith is patience and tolerance." [Ahmad].. More

  • Forsake What Your Lord Dislikes

    "The best Hijrah (emigration) is to immigrate from (i.e. forsake) what is disliked by your Lord The Almighty." [Ahmad].. More

  • Keep Silent

    "Whoever keeps silent will be saved." [At-Tirmithi, Ad-Daarimi and Ahmad].. More

  • Patience

    "No servant is provided with anything better for him and more extensive than patience." [Al-Haakim].. More

  • The Faithful Believer

    "The example of the faithful believer is like a bee, which eats only what is good and produces only what is good." [Ibn Hibbaan and others].. More

  • Be On The Safe Side

    "Beware of doing anything for which you are required to apologize." [Al-Haakim and At-Tabaraani] .. More

  • Striving To Attain Good

    "Verily, knowledge (is gained) only by learning, and forbearance (is attained) only by habituating oneself to be forbearing; and whoever seeks after good will be granted it, and whoever avoids evil will be protected from it." [At-Tabaraani].. More

  • Protection Against Hypocrite

    "Two characteristics never gather together in a hypocrite: good conduct and religious comprehension." [At-Tirmithi and others].. More

  • Good-heartedness

    "Richness harms not the one who fears Allah, and health is better than richness for him who fears Allah; and good-heartedness is part of bliss." [Ibn Maajah, Al-Haakim and Ahmad].. More

  • Contentment

    “Prosperous is he, who embraces Islam, and is endowed with the minimum requirements of subsistence, and caused by Allah to be satisfied with whatever He gives him.” [Muslim, At-Tirmithi and Ahmad].. More