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  • The Importance of Distributing Inheritance

    Allah, The Almighty, has determined the obligatory shares of inheritance Himself – a task which He entrusted neither to a close angel nor to a sent Prophet. He determined the share of each heir in the inheritance, which He showed in detail (in His Book), unlike many rulings which were mentioned in a general and brief way in the Quran. In addition,.. More

  • Equity in the right of inheritance

    One of the established rules in Islamic Legislation is that man generally has the right to inherit what equals the share of two women enjoying the same degree of relativity to the one who bequeathed. However, there are some cases in which man and woman share equal inheritance rights and sometimes she may exceed him. Islam has estimated man's twofold.. More

  • Causes of Inheritance in Islamic Sharee‘ah

    Inheritance in the Islamic Sharee‘ah (legislation) has three causes: First cause: Marriage Under Sharee‘ah, marriage refers to the valid marital contract -- even in the absence of meeting in seclusion between the spouses or sexual intercourse between them. Both spouses inherit from each other, so long as the marital contract is in effect.. More

  • Justice and Merits of Islam in the Distribution of Inheritance

    People in the time of Jaahiliyyah (pre-Islamic period of ignorance) used to assign the inheritance of the deceased to the eldest among his sons, excluding his young children, and women relatives like daughters, wives, mothers and sisters; or give it to his brother or paternal uncle, under the pretext that the children and women were too powerless to.. More

  • Impediments of Inheritance

    Just as there are causes by virtue of which two persons can inherit from each other, there are also impediments that could hinder inheritance between them. Those impediments might be summed up as follows: First impediment: Difference in religion If the deceased follows a religion and the heir follows another religion, the difference in religion between.. More

  • The Wisdom Behind Prescribing Inheritance

    Allah The Almighty has honored man in this worldly life and preferred him over many creatures, as confirmed by His Statement (which means): {And We have certainly honored the children of Aadam (Adam) and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.}.. More

  • Conditions of Inheritance

    Just as inheritance has causes and impediments, it also has conditions that should be fulfilled. They might be summed up in the following three: First condition: The death of the person inherited This means that the owner of the inheritance should have died, since his property cannot be inherited while he is still living. The death of the owner of.. More

  • Refutation of Allegations Raised about the Distribution of Inheritance in Islam

    The enemies of Islam have been trying to find fault with the Quran through the verses of inheritance for several centuries. They allege that the Noble Quran gives the female in general, and the wife in particular, half of what it gives to the male in general and the husband in particular, thereby usurping the right of the woman and dealing with her.. More