Secularism and its dangers -I

Secularism and its dangers -I
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Allah, the Most Exalted, sent down The Book (the Noble Quran) to clarify all things and to give Guidance and Mercy to people who believe.

He sent His Messenger, Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) with guidance and the true religion with which He opened blinded eyes, deaf ears, and sealed hearts. With it, He eliminated the darkness of ignorance and stupidity and released the chains of polytheism such that misguidance became a legend of the past and worshipping idols became an old myth.

A Muslim wonders at the stupidity of the polytheists. Allah Says (what means): "He whom Allah guides is rightly guided but he whom He leads astray never will you find for him a protective guide." [Quran 18: 17]

We must always remember though, that trials are continuous and the substance of evil remains till today. Devils among humankind and Jinns continue to spread misguidance, and to make it seem attractive and spread it by means of all tongues. Allah Says (what means): "And thus we have made for every Prophet an enemy, devils from mankind and Jinn, inspiring to one another decorated speech and delusion." [Quran 6:112]

It is mandatory upon us to know the ways of misguidance, warn people of it, expose it, expose its objectives and block the way for those who call to it. By doing this, Muslims can be aware of what their Lord wants of them and have proper insight so as not to be harmed by the plotting and planning of the misguided ones.

Today, in the Muslim world, many different philosophies and ideologies are propagated…ones that deceive numerous people with its superficial sparkle and glory. Many slogans and terms have captured the minds of people and control their way of thinking.

These false beliefs are like a disease and are of the fire. If it has been decreed for these false beliefs to be disseminated, they will not overcome anyone but will turn him into disintegrated ruins.

One of these ideologies is secularism, which has infiltrated into the Muslim communities. Perhaps one of the most serious challenges that face the people of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah (the true Islamic methodology) at this time is to overthrow these false beliefs, clarify their vague statements and expose the reality of the obscure slogans behind which secularism hides and spreads its poison in the minds and hearts of the people of this nation.

For this reason, it is necessary to unmask the true face of this ideology which is misguided and misguiding at the same time.

Secularism, in its correct definition, is the belief that religion should not enter into the affairs of the state; it denies any form of religious faith and worship. Thus, secularism is the antithesis of Islamic monotheism, which, from the perspective of Islam, is the greatest reality and truth.

Ibn Taimiyyah  may  Allah  have  mercy  upon  him said in his book 'Al-Uboodiyyah' (Servitude): "Mankind is at the crossroad that has two roads, no third to it. It is either that he chooses servitude to Allah or he rejects the servitude to Him. To fully believe in the servitude to Allah, excluding all others, knowing that servitude to anyone else but Allah, great or small, is the worshiping of Satan."

Allah Says (what means): "Did I not enjoin upon you O Children of Adam that you not worship Satan for indeed he is to you a clear enemy and that you worship only me. This is the straight path." [Quran 36:60-61] This includes the Arabs about whom Allah Said (what means): "They call upon- instead of Him- none but female deities and they actually call upon none but rebellious Satan." [Quran 4:117] This also includes all acts of worship performed to anyone else but Allah throughout history.

Some of the acts of worship have changed. The Arabs no longer worship the idols of the past. However, worship of Satan in itself did not change. The old idols are replaced with new idols: like the partisanship, nationalism, secularism, personal freedom, sex and others.

There are many new idols today. It is indeed the worship of Satan and Taghoot (anything adorned besides Allah, be it material idol or ideology), which negate the testimony that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah. For the meaning of "La ilaha illa Allah" (the first part of the testimony of faith) is to disbelieve in Taghoot and to believe in Allah Alone.

Based on this, we can know the ruling of Islam concerning secularism. Secularism is disbelief and is of the pre-Islamic Taghoot concept which negates and contradicts "La ilaha illa Allah".

Two points which are basic and paired are that firstly, it is ruling with something other than the rulings of Allah or what Allah has revealed, and secondly, it is associating others in the worship of Allah.

Secularism simply means ruling with laws other than the laws of Allah; something other than what Allah has revealed. It is ruling with a constitution or legislation other than what Allah has legislated. The acceptance to be governed by and follow Taghoot instead of Allah is the essence of establishing life with no faith and religion.

Allah Says (what means): "And he who does not rule with what Allah revealed, indeed, those are the disbelievers." [Quran 5: 44]

Disbelief is of different kinds, of which we must be aware. One aspect of Jahiliyyah- pre-Islamic paganism- was the rejection of Allah. The rejection of His existence is related to faith and the way life is perceived, which corresponds to the Jahiliyyah of Communists.

Another aspect is acknowledging the existence of Allah but in a perverted way, and deviation in acts of worship. This kind of Jahiliyyah is synonymous with the Jahiliyyah of the Jews and Christians.

Another aspect is accepting the existence of Allah and performing acts of worship but with a serious deviation in the understanding, implication and the implementation of "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad-ur Rasool-Allah", which results in a comprehensive association in the issue of obedience and partnership with Allah. This Jahiliyyah is of those who call themselves Muslims but are secularists. They think that they are within the fold of Islam and have all the rights of Muslims by merely uttering the Shahadah (saying: "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad-ur Rasool-Allah". They perform these acts of worship in an un-Islamic fashion.

Secularism and its dangers -II


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