Heavy Cream Baklava

Heavy Cream Baklava
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1 package phyllo dough

2 cups heavy cream (geshtah)

1/3 cup milk

2 tbs. corn starch

2 cups butter



-         Melt the butter.

-         Mix cornstarch with milk, cook on medium 5-8 min. or until you have creamy texture, add this mixture to the heavy cream, let it cool.

-         Divide dough to two parts.

-         Cut the part to squares 12 by 12 or the size of your choice.

-         Spread butter over each layer of one square.

-         Put l tbs. of cream mixture at one of the square corners, near the center.

-         Fold in half to obtain a triangle shape.

-         Arrange the triangles on buttered baking pan; spread butter on the top of each triangle.

-         Bake at 375 degree until golden brown.

-         Remove, place it on cooling rack, immediately pour the syrup over.

-         Let it cool and serve.

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