Syria: More than 21,000 killed in 2015

Syria: More than 21,000 killed in 2015
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The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said in a Monday report that 1,793 people were killed in December.

The group said that this year’s death toll now stands at 21,179 – 75 percent of whom were killed by the Assad regime.

The London-based NGO documented 15,748 deaths by regime forces, including 12,044 civilians. At least 2,592 of the victims were children and 1,957 were women.

According to the report, Russian forces killed 849 civilians, including 199 children and 109 women since September.

Syrian Kurdish forces killed 132 civilians, including 32 children and 12 women. Daesh killed 2,098 people, including 1,366 civilians.


Map of Syria locating fighting between the Syrian regime army and opposition forces in the opposition-held town of Sheikh Miskeen.


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