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  • Ibn Al-Haytham: The father of modern optics

    Abu 'Ali Al-Hasan bin Al-Haytham (965-1040 C.E.) was one of the most eminent physicists, whose contributions to optics and scientific methods are outstanding. Known in the West as Alhazen, Ibn Al-Haytham was born in 965 CE in Basrah, and was educated in Basrah and Baghdad. Thereafter, he went to Egypt, where he was asked to find ways of controlling.. More

  • Al-Khaleel Ibn Ahmad: founder of Arabic lexicology and prosody

    As soon as the sun rose and cast its golden rays, the market of coppersmiths in Basra became full of activity and liveliness. Groups of people started to come to the market one after the other to purchase their goods. The workers’ hammering sounds increased as they made copper utensils. Everyone was working hard and eagerly seeking to secure their.. More

  • Abu Bakr Ar-Raazi: the Father of Arab Medicine

    He was a unique encyclopedic scientist. He is considered as one of the greatest physicians in Islamic culture, and one of the earliest Arab physicians. He was also one of the founders of modern chemistry. He was well-versed in all branches of knowledge and he made significant scientific contributions to medicine, chemistry, mathematics, literature,.. More

  • Ibn An-Nafees: Discoverer of the minor blood circulation system

    He was an extremely learned, multi-talented scientist, and a pioneer in medicine. Through his researches and discoveries, he managed to surpass his contemporary scientists and even those who came after him. He, alone, managed to write the largest medical encyclopaedia in history. He is the scientist and physician, `Ala'u Ad-Deen `Ali Ibn Abul Hazm,.. More

  • Al-Bayrooni - linguist and multitalented scientist

    The judge Al-Jisaboori, may Allah have mercy upon him, reported: "I visited Abu Rayhaan Muhammad (Al-Bayrooni) when he was on his death-bed. He said to me: 'One day you asked me about such and such an issue.' I replied: 'Do you want me to explain it when you are in such a condition?' He replied: 'Tell me, is it not better that I depart this world.. More

  • Ibn Khaldoon: The founding father of sociology

    Ibn Khaldoon was born in Tunisia in 732 A.H. to a fairly well-to-do family who had earlier migrated from Seville in Muslim Spain. His lineage goes to Yemen which land our hero's family had left in the company of the army that conquered Spain. During his childhood in Tunis, Ibn Khaldoon must have had his share in his family's active participation in.. More