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  • An American Call to Every Woman: Surrender Immediately to Your Husband!

    "The surrendered wife" is the latest social fad which Laura Doyle, an American writer, calls to in her book bearing the same name. This book was recently published in the United States. Every word in this "educational" book calls for liberating men and placing restrictions on women. Furthermore, it urges women to return to the age.. More

  • Divorce Rate Rivals Marriages in the Muslim World

    Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper hosted meetings with a number of scholars to discuss their opinions on the phenomenon of increasing divorce rates. One of the scholars, Shaykh Saalim ibn Mubaarak Al-Mahaarifi, may Allah preserve him, thepreacher in Riyadh Air Base and the Imaam of Hamzah ibn Abdul-Muttalib' Mosque at the National Guard base, said: "The.. More

  • Ten Tips to increase Love Between the Spouses

    Everyone wants to increase the amount of capital in the bank and searches for the means to increase his wealth. Similarly, everyone wishes to increase the affection and love he shares with his wife, so he should search for suitable means to increase the amount of love and faithfulness between them. We will mention some of them: 1- Exchanging gifts,.. More

  • Before it is Too Late

    It was completely unpredictable that something was going to happen and that my young, gentle cousin would experience the most difficult trial or that her two young children would become orphans in less than a moment. As usual, her husband dined and performed the ‘Ishaa’ prayer at home after a long, exhausting day at work. As he folded.. More

  • Observe Etiquettes With Your Spouse

    Without a set of rules and orders to be applied and respected, life would be chaotic and uncivilized. A home that is based on desires will be destroyed by them. A home that is built on water will sink into it. A house that is constructed in the path of the flood will be destroyed by that flood. A family that is founded on piety and obedience to Allah.. More

  • Get Married and Live Happily

    A Swiss university conducted a recent study on the health benefits of marriage. The study proved that marriage protects men and women from chronic and occasional headaches. The psychological feeling of a lasting and stable relationship helps to reduce physical stress and increases the excretion of the happiness hormone in larger quantities than those.. More

  • Secret Marriage and Its Dangerous Impact

    Secret marriage is a new and dangerous phenomenon that is currently emerging in some Muslim communities. The danger of this phenomenon lies mainly in its secret occurrence. Hence, most people are unaware of it. Consequently, it takes them by surprise, harming the most valuable thing they have because it preys upon their preserved honor and chastity... More

  • How to teach our kids Tawheed

    When we want to teach our kids Tawheed (i.e. Islamic monotheism) should we have to read classical texts and books in this regard? No, this is not needed in the early stages of their lives because this requires long hours of attentiveness and hard work, which is difficult for children. Later in life, one can do so when their level of comprehension.. More

  • Homeschooling Resources

    Do you have access to enough resources? Schools have libraries, a set-curriculum and teachers who give students a readymade list of resources and references. What do homeschooling mothers have? The number-one resource for homeschoolers is the internet, where you can find everything from book lists on homeschooling methodologies, forums for Muslim.. More

  • Our Daughters at Home

    The father should spend on his daughter with satisfaction and not be a miser or remind her of the favors that he does for her. It was narrated on the authority of ‘Aai’shah, may Allah be pleased with her, that she said, “Once, a woman who had two daughters came to me, and I found nothing to give her except a date. So the mother took.. More

  • So That Jealousy Would Not Consume an Innocent Heart

    How to prepare your child to receive your newborn? The coming of a new baby brings much happiness to the family and at the same time is accompanied by some changes that may lead to problems. Therefore, the family should prepare itself for receiving the awaited child with lasting happiness. The most important person that should be prepared is the one.. More

  • Repressed Emotions is a Woman’s Disease Caused by Incorrect Upbringing

    My chest is heavy. A volcano is about to erupt inside me. I need to cry. I do not want to speak with anyone. Similar sentences are repeated by many wives. Sometimes these words are spoken in a loud voice in front of others and sometimes the woman says them to herself. Women talk and talk and repress their feelings. The volcanoes remain inside them waiting.. More

  • Our Daughters at Home

    I received a letter from a girl in Damascus who narrates her story with her brothers at home. Her parents shower her with love and care, and her two elder brothers treat her well. However, her other brothers treat her cruelly and humiliate her as if she is a servant and scold her in the same way that a master scolds his slave when he makes a mistake... More

  • Eight Tips to Help Baby Sleep

    Many mothers suffer from the problems associated with their child’s sleeping patterns, and this problem affects both of the mother and the baby. To overcome this problem, here are some tips to help your baby have a good night's sleep: 1- Do not put a pillow under the baby’s head during the first months. This can lead to a bent backbone.. More

  • Children’s Delinquency is the Price of the Absence of Motherhood

    There is a type of mother who forsakes her children and leaves them to face the surrounding harmful influences. In this way, she unintentionally ruins her children and reaps the bitter fruits of this. Recently, a newspaper published a story of a 16-year-old boy who deals in the weapons (pistols) that he makes. He has been caught several times but manages.. More

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Everything, when lost, can be regained, except time. If it is lost, there is no hope to regain it. That is why time is the most precious thing that can ever be possessed in this life. Islam is a religion...More