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  • Eating disorders in young women

    Mary is a 23 year old woman who is experiencing a serious problem in her life. In the last 6 months, she has lost 40 pounds, going from a healthy 133 pounds to only 93 pounds. Although she appears emaciated, Mary still perceives herself as being overweight and in need of weight loss. She eats very little food, mainly carrot sticks and diet soda, and.. More

  • Fasting & Health

    Islam calls on people to take care of their health and preserve it, because it is one’s capital investment in this life. The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, told us that a strong believer is better and dearer to Allah than a weak believer. The reason for this is that a strong believer will be able to fulfill his religious and worldly.. More

  • Sisters! Start stepping it up

    By: Michelle Al-Nasr Allah Almighty Says what means: “What comes to you of good is from Allah, but what comes to you of evil, is from yourself.” [Quran 4: 79] For some reason, women’s health is a topic rarely talked about in our communities. Sure, we talk about menstruation and pregnancy... However, we do not bear a lot of discussions.. More

  • Tips on regaining body (and spirit) after motherhood

    By Nasiha Ahmed Few will dispute the blessings of motherhood. Those who are fortunate enough to actually spend some time at home with their children before returning to work will tell you that they loved witnessing the milestones - first smiles, first steps, first day of school. Those that did have to return to work at some point might share with you.. More

  • To where the stretch marks lead

    (Some friendly advice for frazzled new mothers) By: Salma Sanwari Allah Almighty Says what means: "And We have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good treatment. His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship…"[46:15] From that first positive pregnancy test to the special moment you finally have your baby.. More

  • A Bad Odor from the Mouth While Fasting

    Question: Since last winter, I have gotten myself into the habit of fasting every Monday and Thursday, acting upon the Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and I thank Allah for this great blessing. However, many people criticize me because of an extremely bad odor that emanates from my mouth whenever I fast, despite me brushing.. More

  • Excessive Phlegm While Fasting

    Question: During the daytime while I am fasting in Ramadan, I produce excessive phlegm, some of which I cannot expel, so it remains stuck in my throat. Is there a solution to this? Answer: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, respected sister. This could be a result of a problem in your respiratory system, such as a chronic infection that may be in your.. More

  • Fasting While Pregnant

    Question: After two and a half years of marriage, Allah has blessed me to become pregnant. I am now in my fifth month and have just discovered that I have twins in the same embryo sac and that they share one placenta. They are both healthy now, but the doctor told me that there is a high risk of malformation, damage, or death to both, or at least.. More

  • Gallstone Removal and the Ability to Fast

    Question: I have suffered from gallstones for twenty years and then had them removed a few months ago. Will I be able to fast like normal people? Answer: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, honorable sister. You have not mentioned in your question where exactly this gallstone was in your body so that we may properly answer you. However, regardless of where.. More

  • Gases While Fasting

    Question: I suffer from excessive gas, and they increase when I fast. What could be the problem, and how do I treat it? Answer: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, Many different things could lead to the increase of gases. One of which is having irritable bowel syndrome, which is a common problem that is not due to a specific organic defect or malfunction... More

  • Headache When Fasting

    Question: I constantly suffer from a headache, especially when I fast. What could be causing this? Answer: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, There are many things that could be causing this constant headache. Migraine or stress could be causes of this. Secondary headaches result from organic problems, like sinuses, teeth problems, eye problems, high.. More

  • Normal Blood Sugar Levels While Fasting

    Question: Once while I was fasting, I had my blood sugar level checked and it was 120. Then I started to reduce my sweets and sugar consumption. A few months later I checked it regularly again for a while when I was fasting and two hours after breaking my fast. The results during the fasting periods ranged between 100-105, while after I ate they ranged.. More

  • Stomach Swelling After Breaking the Fast

    Question: Whenever I start eating, my stomach swells, and I get a stomachache when it is empty. What do you advise me to start with when breaking my fast in Ramahdaan? Answer: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, First of all, we must know the reason behind these symptoms. You may be suffering from an infection in your stomach, or it may irritable bowel.. More

  • Vomiting when Breaking the Fast

    Question: I have no problem fasting. However, as soon as I break my fast and eat or drink anything, I feel uneasy and start vomiting. I have consulted many physicians and have taken different ulcer medications, but to no avail. What can I do? Answer: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, respected sister Salmin. You must consult an internal medicine doctor.. More

  • Umm As-Sa‘d … the loyalty of the pupils

    The Loyalty of the Pupils Regarding her pupils and their relationship with her, she remarked: "I remember each one of them: some I certified in one way of recitation, and others – and they are few and far between – I have conferred licenses in all ten styles. All of these accreditations are stamped with my own seal that I always keep.. More

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