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  • A Recipe for Marital Bliss

    Marital bliss is the precious pursuit of every family and an easily attainable goal for every one who is keen on it and pursues it. A happy family is the source of giving, security, peace of mind, and the way to success. Here we will present a useful recipe for marital bliss: First, it is the custom that a man feels jealous over his wife. Sometimes,.. More

  • Mutual Rights - Good Companionship - III

    One day, the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, told ’Aa‘ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, the lengthy Hadeeth of Umm Zar‘, which was narrated by Muslim, may Allah have mercy upon him, and was explained by some scholars in volumes due to its enormous pearls of wisdom and meanings. After the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi.. More

  • Mutual Rights - Good Companionship - II

    4- In disputes and arguments. Living in kindness implies that when a dispute arises between the spouses, the husband should define the points of dispute and explain her mistake to her, if she is the one who is mistaken. This should be done in a way that involves no reproof or scolding, particularly if he wants her to admit something. When she admits,.. More

  • Mutual Rights-Good Companionship - I

    The mutual rights that Allah The Almighty has enjoined on both the spouses represent His utmost justice. There are two major rights. There are two main rights: the right to good companionship, and the right to overnight stay and equal distribution. In this series we will address the first of these rights. First: The right to good companionship Muslims.. More

  • Rights of the Husband (Tangible Rights) - IV

    (Continued) Tangible Rights: The second section is the tangible rights of the husband on his wife, which include the wife serving her husband. Allah The Almighty created the woman and equipped her with characteristics that qualify her to carry out housework, manage her house and take care of its affairs. When the wife does the work of the marital.. More

  • Rights of the Husband (Intangible rights) - III

    (Continued) Sexual fulfillment: The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, stressed that the woman's negligence in obeying her husband when he calls her to bed to maintain his chastity incurs the curse of Allah upon her; He, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “For the woman whose husband calls her to bed [i.e. invites her to.. More

  • Rights of the Husband - II

    Intangible Rights In the first part we mentioned that being watchful of Allah and having the right environment and company are two essential matters in reforming and correcting the Muslim homes and fulfilling the rights of the spouses. In this article, we will talk about the right of the husband over his wife, if Allah wills. This right is divided.. More

  • Rights of the Husband - I

    Allah The Almighty enjoined obligations and duties, clarified rights and responsibilities, and then ordered the believing men and women to carry them out and made them a Sharee‘ah (Law) for all His slaves. There will be no happiness for a believer except by carrying out and fulfilling these obligations and duties properly, so that he would be.. More

  • Use Your Intelligence and Wisdom to Bring Happiness to Your Husband and Family

    There is no place in the entire world like a happy home in its beauty and the comfort that it radiates. Wherever we are, we will find no better place than a happy home. How can the woman, with her intelligence, wisdom and good treatment, make a home happy and thus, make her family happy? Dr. Hassaan Shamsi Basha is a cardiac consultant who has written.. More

  • To Every Girl - Before You Make the Big Decision

    One day, I received a call from a girl who, after giving me some information about someone who had proposed to her, asked me whether I thought he would make a suitable husband for her. Although I knew neither the girl nor the young man in question, I could perceive her trepidation, for whoever’s hand is asked in marriage faces a rather decisive.. More

  • He used to keep himself busy serving his family - II

    It is narrated on the authority of As-Siddeeqah (‘Aa’ishah), daughter of As-Siddeeq (Abu Bakr), may Allah be pleased with them, the wife of the best of creation, sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, that she said, describing his conduct in his house, “He used to keep himself busy serving his family.” [Al-Bukhari] “He, sallAllahu.. More

  • He used to keep himself busy serving his family - I

    Some wives complain, in their messages, that their husbands do not bother to do any chores related to the family, whether inside or outside the house, even if it is a routine or simple matter, and this, of course, makes them feel sad, hurt and frustrated. Dear Muslim husband and wife, To help with the housework is one of the emotional requirements.. More

  • Abuse of Wives: Reality or Imagination?

    It is rare that societies are free of evil social phenomena, and this was the case even in the pure ages of the prophets, may Allah exalt their mention. One such evil phenomenon is marital dispute and domestic problems. For example, husbands may abuse their wives or vice versa, parents may abuse their children or vice versa, children may abuse each.. More

  • Magnifying Trivial Problems Demolishes Marital Life

    Magnifying the trivial problems of martial life wears it away and acts like a hammer that demolishes family life within seconds. Mrs. Jameelah Marzooq, a lecturer in instructive courses for brides, says, Magnifying the trivial problems of matrimonial life and widening the range of problems between the spouses because of the slips of one or both of.. More

  • Revealing Secrets, the Primary Adversary in Marital Life

    Marital bliss is the dream of every engaged girl and the goal of every wife. It is a dream and goal which is worthy of us exerting our utmost effort to attain. To reap the fruits of these efforts, we should be aware of the mistakes and enemies which threaten them. The wise person is the one who learns from the experience of others. There are many homes.. More

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Wise Tips for Muslim Wives

A mother advises her daughter before her wedding: Asma’ bint Kharijah Al-Fazari, may Allah have mercy upon her, said to her daughter before her wedding, “O my daughter, you are about to leave the nest where you grew up to sleep in an unfamiliar bed and to live with an unfamiliar man. Be the earth for him, and he will be your sky; be a resting place for him, and he will be your support;...More