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  • Make-up of a successful wife – III

    She can be grateful: Each of us likes to be told that we are doing a good job. This is also important in a marriage. We should always tell or show our husbands that we sincerely appreciate all of their efforts. Allah has charged them with providing for their wives and families. This job is not easy. Everyday they meet challenges and problems and they.. More

  • The Impact of the Art of Listening and Understanding Between Spouses

    All families have problems. Misunderstanding and lack of listening between the spouses occurs for one reason or another. However, there are various degrees of this, some of which are endurable and considered normal in all families, whereas others are agonizing and abnormal. The latter leads to family disintegration and the breaking of its tight chain,.. More

  • Secret Marriage and Its Dangerous Impact

    No Marriage Without a Guardian The woman is not entitled to give herself in marriage without the consent of her family. Similarly, her guardian is not entitled to conclude her marriage without consulting her. Islam takes a moderate course by insisting that there should be participation from the woman, her guardian and family when it comes to her marriage... More

  • Raising Girls from Grandmothers to Granddaughters

    On my way home from work one day, I found male and female preparatory and secondary school students speaking with each other in an indecent, disrespectful manner. I saw with my own eyes a girl shouting the nastiest words in the face of a young man. I could not believe that it was actually a girl who was talking and that one day she would be a wife and.. More

  • Her Tolerance Is Not Weakness and Her Insistence Is Not Strength

    Many of our homes are locked under the effect of fire under the ashes, frozen conflicts, spiritual detachment between the spouses and a mechanical motion of life that is devoid of love, affection and tranquility. The woman makes many concessions to keep the marital life going and the man throws the conflicts behind his back and preoccupies himself.. More

  • Divorcees Before the Wedding

    In recent times, cases of divorce before the consummation of the wedding have increased among youth for many reasons. Among them are the demanding of excessive dowries, furnishing the marital home, the housing crisis, the absence of religion in people's lives and the excessive intermixing between the couples, which causes coldness of emotions and drives.. More

  • Marrying Non-Muslim Women - Problems and Dangers - I

    Some scholars of Islam, sociology and education have warned against the high rates of marriage to foreign non-Muslim women in Arab and Islamic countries. They have stated that this phenomenon has dangerous social, educational and religious consequences as it exacerbates the problem of spinsterhood in the Arab countries. It also yields generations of.. More

  • Marrying Non-Muslim Women - Problems and Dangers - II

    Permissible, but…! Dr. Nasr Fareed Waasil, former Mufti of Egypt, says that the Sharee‘ah has permitted marrying foreign women from the People of the Book, meaning, Jewish and Christian women. However, this marriage has to fulfill several conditions, the first of which is that such a woman has to be religiously and morally committed in.. More

  • Do You Give Your Wife Some Water?

    In this age, women shoulder many responsibilities and burdens which form mental and physical pressures.A woman goes to work and suffers due to the means of transportation, domineering bosses and the required mental and physical effort. Then comes her main job that she was created to do and from which she can never escape or violate: her responsibility.. More

  • Your Husband Does Not Share Responsibilities with You - Are You the Cause?

    Have you ever thought of compelling your husband to play his role as a father and fulfill his duty towards his children? Have you ever suffered from his negligence towards them? Have you ever tried to make him share the responsibility with you and make him the first one to know about your concerns? Hanaan Zayn, director of As-Sa‘aadah Center for.. More

  • The Islamic Fiqh Academy and Differences Between the Working Husband and Wife

    The council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, a subsidiary organ of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, in its sixteenth session, which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, issued a resolution and a Fatwa regarding the differences between the working husband and wife and the independent financial liability of both spouses. First: The Independent.. More

  • Make-up of a successful wife – II

    Foundations for success She is knowledgeable: `Aa`ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, related, "In the time of the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, whenever any verse was revealed, we used to memorize the lawful, the unlawful, the do's and the don’ts contained in it, even if we did not memorize it's exact words." `Aa`ishah,.. More

  • An American Call to Every Woman: Surrender Immediately to Your Husband!

    "The surrendered wife" is the latest social fad which Laura Doyle, an American writer, calls to in her book bearing the same name. This book was recently published in the United States. Every word in this "educational" book calls for liberating men and placing restrictions on women. Furthermore, it urges women to return to the age.. More

  • Divorce Rate Rivals Marriages in the Muslim World

    Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper hosted meetings with a number of scholars to discuss their opinions on the phenomenon of increasing divorce rates. One of the scholars, Shaykh Saalim ibn Mubaarak Al-Mahaarifi, may Allah preserve him, thepreacher in Riyadh Air Base and the Imaam of Hamzah ibn Abdul-Muttalib' Mosque at the National Guard base, said: "The.. More

  • Ten Tips to increase Love Between the Spouses

    Everyone wants to increase the amount of capital in the bank and searches for the means to increase his wealth. Similarly, everyone wishes to increase the affection and love he shares with his wife, so he should search for suitable means to increase the amount of love and faithfulness between them. We will mention some of them: 1- Exchanging gifts,.. More

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Wise Tips for Muslim Wives

A mother advises her daughter before her wedding: Asma’ bint Kharijah Al-Fazari, may Allah have mercy upon her, said to her daughter before her wedding, “O my daughter, you are about to leave the nest where you grew up to sleep in an unfamiliar bed and to live with an unfamiliar man. Be the earth for him, and he will be your sky; be a resting place for him, and he will be your support;...More