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  • Macedonia Peace Talks Resume

    SKOPJE (Islamweb & Agencies) - Leaders across Macedonia's ethnic divide restarted peace talks on Tuesday with help from Western envoys but progress appeared likely to be difficult after an Albanian Resistance ambush killed a Macedonian soldier. (Read photo caption below). U.S. envoy James Pardew and his European Union counterpart Francois Leotard joined.. More

  • New Islamic party to be set up in Turkey

    ANKARA, (AFP) - The former leader of Turkey's banned pro-Islamic Virtue Party, Recai Kutan, announced Tuesday that a new political entity intended to unite the Islamic movement in Turkish politics was being set up as swiftly as possible. (Read photo caption below). "The name and the leaders, who will be democratically elected, of our new party will.. More

  • UN Council Extends Iraq Oil-For-Food Plan

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on Tuesday for a routine five-month extension of the ``oil-for-food'' program for Iraq after Russia threatened to veto a U.S.-British plan to revamp 11-year-old sanctions against Baghdad. (Read photo caption). Despite Iraq's apparent victory, haggling continued until the last minute.. More

  • Mideast Truce in Tatters

    JERUSALEM,(Islamweb & Agencies) - Israel and the Palestinians turned up the rhetoric on Tuesday with each accusing the other of murder and a lack of will for peace, as an unsteady US-brokered ceasefire seemed finally to have run out of hope. (Read photo caption below). Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's true.. More

  • 145 killed in Russian Plane Crash

    MOSCOW, (AFP) - All 145 passengers and crew were killed when a Russian plane crashed, for reasons as yet unknown, in southern Siberia overnight, the interior ministry said Wednesday. The three-engined jet, owned by regional airline Vladivostokavia, had been flying from Yekaterinburg in the Ural mountains to the Far East port city of Vladivostok.(Read.. More

  • OPEC leaves production unchanged

    VIENNA, (AFP) - The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) oil-producing countries left its production quotas unchanged Tuesday, a statement said.(Read photo caption below). "The conference has decided to maintain current production levels unchanged," said the statement, read out after a two-hour formal session of the 11-member grouping. OPEC,.. More

  • Macedonia Awaits U.S. Envoy Verdict on Peace Talks

    SKOPJE (Islamweb & Agencies) - Macedonia waited on Tuesday for U.S. envoy James Pardew's first verdict on the prospects for kick-starting stalled peace talks after another night of army helicopter strikes on ethnic Albanian fighters. Diplomats warned against expecting miracles from the man Washington appointed at the weekend to intensify Western efforts.. More

  • UN Drops Vote on Plan on Iraqi Sanctions UNITED NATIONS

    (Reuters) - Faced with a Russian veto, Britain and the United States on Monday dropped for now a plan to revamp sanctions against Iraq and instead decided to extend the current U.N. humanitarian program without change. (Read photo caption below). Britain, which drafted the resolution on the new plan, told council members that in light of Russia's objections,.. More

  • Israelis, Palestinians meet under US pressure

    JERUSALEM, (Islamweb & Agencies) - Palestinian and Israeli security officials met under US watch Monday, while Washington voiced criticism over violence which saw four dead in just 24 hours.(Read photo caption below). Israeli television reported the security meeting, attended by a representative of the US intelligence agency, the CIA, and security.. More

  • Three key Arab leaders consult in Egypt

    ALEXANDRIA,(Islamweb & Agencies) - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak met with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz here Monday for talks on the deepening Arab-Israeli crisis ahead of separate talks with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. (Read photo caption below). Mubarak, who is staying at the presidential palace in the Mediterranean.. More

  • Cheney procedure went well, will return to work Monday: doctors

    WASHINGTON, 30 (AFP) - A procedure to fit US Vice President Richard Cheney with a "pacemaker-plus" Saturday went "exceedingly smoothly," cardiologist Jonathan Reiner told reporters, adding that Cheney's activities would be "unrestricted." (Read photo caption below) Doctors who performed the procedure to implant a pacemaker and an implantable cardioverter.. More

  • Trimble Resigns, Plunging N.Ireland Into Crisis

    BELFAST, July 1 (Reuters) - Protestant leader David Trimble resigned on Sunday as Northern Ireland's First Minister, plunging the British province into a political vacuum and threatening a hard-won peace deal with minority Roman Catholics. (Read photo caption below). In the hours leading up to Trimble's midnight resignation, there were minor clashes.. More

  • Albanians Recall Atrocities

    RACAK, Yugoslavia (AP) - For six hours, Rame Shabani lay motionless, his face pressed to the dirt, while Serb police and army units shot and mutilated 25 men on a hillside above the Albanian village of Racak. He escaped by throwing himself into a ravine when they opened fire. (Read photo caption below). Now with former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.. More

  • Italy's Eni Signs $1 Billion Oil Deal with Iran

    TEHRAN (Reuters) - Italian energy group Eni signed a 1 billion oil contract with Iran on Saturday that will be the first test of extra-territorial U.S. sanctions under the presidency of George W. Bush. (Read photo caption below). Eni Chief Executive Officer Vittorio Mincato signed the deal to develop the Dharkovin oilfield in southwest Iran with Iranian.. More

  • Mideast Peacemaking in Balance As Intifadha Confrontations Simmer

    JERUSALEM (Islamweb & Agencies) - Israel-Palestinian peacemaking moves hung in the balance on Sunday as both sides waited to see whether their weekend efforts would bear fruit despite low level violence and conflicting demands. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres shook hands publicly at a Lisbon conference on.. More