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  • Albanian Elections Test Democracy

    [Democratic party and "Unity for Victory" coalition leader Sali Berisha.Read photo caption below]. TIRANA, Albania (Islamweb & Agencies) - Gunfire broke out at one polling station and assailants burned ballots at another, marring parliamentary elections Sunday that pitted Albania's incumbent Socialists against a center-right coalition led by firebrand.. More

  • Afghan Taliban Dismiss Bin Laden Threat Reports

    [Afghan soldiers from Taliban movement. Read photo caption below]. KABUL (Islamweb & Agencies) - Afghanistan (news - web sites)'s Taliban movement on Sunday dismissed media reports that exiled Saudi Arabian dissident Osama bin Laden (news - web sites) was planning attacks on U.S. and Israeli interests, saying his activities were ``under control.'' A.. More

  • Major Quake Rocks Peru, 25 Feared Dead

    [A powerful earthquake shook southern Peru on Saturday, killing at least 31 people and sending dozens of homes, churches and buildings tumbling to the ground. Read photo caption below]. AREQUIPA (Reuters) - At least 25 people were reported to have been killed on Saturday when a major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 rocked southern Peru, civil defense.. More

  • Philippine Rebels Sign Peace Agreement

    [Gadhafi's son, Seif el-Islam, chairs the opening session of the peace talks between the Philippine government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Tripoli, Libya. Read photo caption below]. TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - The Philippine government and a Muslim separatist group signed a peace agreement Friday night, calling for a cease-fire in a 32-year.. More

  • Headless Bodies of Hostages Found

    [An Army trooper rides a tricycle as he patrols Isabela, the capital of the island province of Basilan in southern Philippines.Read photo caption below]. ISABELA, Philippines (Islamweb & Agencies) - The beheaded bodies of two Filipinos who were kidnapped by the outlawed Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines were discovered Saturday outside the.. More

  • Macedonia Vows to Fight On

    [The Macedonian army blasted a village held by Albanian Freedom fighters June 22, 2001, tearing up a ragged 11-day truce. Read photo caption below]. OUTSIDE ARACINOVO, Macedonia (Reuters) - The Slav-dominated Macedonian army blasted a village held by Albanian Freedom fighters Friday and vowed to continue to attack, tearing up an 11-day truce in a risky.. More

  • Solana Upbeat on Macedonia Truce But Deal Elusive

    [Macedonia resumed its assault on the village held by ethnic Albanian fighters.Read photo caption below] SKOPJE (Reuters) - A top Western envoy said on Saturday he was optimistic a cease-fire could be reinstated in Macedonia but there was no sign of a formal announcement after the second day of heavy bombardment of Albanian rebels. European Union.. More

  • Russia Claims Killing A Top Chechen Resistance Leader, Strikers Demand Talks

    [A pro-Kremlin Chechen serviceman of special forces unit stands on guard in Chechen capital Grozny.Read photo caption below]. SLEPTSOVSK, Russia (Islamweb & Agencies) - Russian occupation forces sweeping through villages near Chechnya's capital claim to have killed several Resistance men active in nearly two years of warfare, including one of the.. More

  • Macedonia on Brink After Protests, Fresh Fighting

    [Photo shows several thousand angry demonstrators gathering outside the parliament building in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, to protest against what they see as the government's leniency towards ethnic Muslim Albanians fighting for equal rights] BELGRADE (Islamweb & Agencies) - Yugoslavia moved closer Monday to handing over former President Slobodan.. More

  • Yugoslavia Moves Closer to Milosevic Handover

    [Yugoslavia has begun legal procedures to transfer former President Slobodan Milosevic to the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague]. BELGRADE (Islamweb & Agencies) - Yugoslavia moved closer Monday to handing over former President Slobodan Milosevic for an international trial on Kosovo war crimes charges, taking the first legal step required for his.. More

  • Chechen Resistance Confirms Russian Claims of Killing A Top Chechen National Leader

    [Chechen martyr, Arbi Barayev] MOSCOW (Islamweb & Agencies) - Russia hailed on Monday the death of Chechen Resistance leader Arbi Barayev, after its troops recovered the body of the exceptional resistancefield commander who has led many successful operations against the Russian invading forces. Russian television said several thousand crack troops.. More

  • UN to hold key meetings on

    [Map shows site of attack by US and British warplanes that caused the deaths of 23 Iraqis and the injury of many others in an air strike on the Talafar district near the northern city of Mosul]. UNITED NATIONS, (AFP) - The United Nations will this week hold a series of key meetings aimed at deciding the outcome of a US-British proposal to impose.. More

  • Syria's Assad arrives in France

    [Chirac welcomes Assad in Paris. Read photo caption below]. PARIS, (Islamweb & Agencies) - Syria's president Bashar al-Assad met with his French counterpart, Jacques Chirac, Monday. The two leaders met for more than two hours at the presidential Elysee Palace following Assad's arrival, for talks that focused on the search for peace in the Middle East,.. More

  • Iraq Says Western Raid Kills 23, Allies Deny Attack

    [Western warplanes target a playing field in a northern Iraqi town. Read photo caption below] BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq said on Wednesday 23 people were killed and 11 wounded when Western warplanes targeted a playing field in a northern Iraqi town, but Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld charged that Iraqi ground fire might have caused any such deaths... More

  • Seventy people hurt in Cairo clashes between Copts, police.

    [Coptic Christians demonstrate Monday, June 18, 2001. Read photo caption below]. CAIRO, June 20 (AFP) - Forty police and thirty demonstrators were lightly injured Wednesday night in clashes during a protest by young members of Egypt's Coptic Christian minority outside the Coptic cathedral in Cairo, police said. Coptic youth have been protesting.. More