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  • Annan Nominated for Second U.N. Term

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Both powerful and impoverishednations on the Security Council gave Kofi Annan a unanimous vote of confidence on Wednesday, nominating him for a second five-year term as secretary-general of the United Nations. The official nomination by the 15 council members - more than six months before Annan's first term expires on Dec. 31.. More

  • Politicians 'Support' Musharraf on India Trip

    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Nineteen politicians met with Pakistani military ruler General Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday and offered him ``complete support'' ahead of a summit in India next month, a government statement said. In turn, the general, who assumed the country's presidency last week by decree, assured the politicians he would consult them on ``all.. More

  • Russia Claims Chechen Resistance Cleared From Gorge

    MOSCOW (Islamweb & Agencies) - Russia claimed Wednesday its invading forces had cleared a remote mountain gorge of Chechen Resistance men after a major battle. The fighting followed a weekend battle that ended in the death of a top nationalist Resistance chief, which prompted media speculation that Moscow was switching tactics after many months of.. More

  • Powell Appoints Sharon Judge And Executioner

    US Secretary State Colin Powell meets Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Thursday hoping to build on the fragile ceasefire agreed two weeks ago without, according to observers,putting too much pressure on the two sides. Powell will hold talks with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in the West Bank town of Ramallah, before meeting Israeli Prime Minister.. More

  • Fears Of Another Balkan Civil War

    SKOPJE, (Islamweb & Agencies)-A new European Union peace envoy has arrived in Macedonia to try to help end fighting between Macedonian security forces and ethnic Albanian fighters that have raised fears of another Balkan civil war. Former French Defence Minister Francois Leotard (Photo)was appointed on Monday as resident EU representative to Macedonia.. More

  • China, India in fresh border talks

    BEIJING, (BBC)-Officials from India and China have met as part of an ongoing process to resolve a long-running border dispute between the two countries. India and China share a border more than 4,000km long (2,500 miles) - and they have been arguing about its demarcation for several decades. But this latest round of talks came soon after signs of.. More

  • Clarke enters Tory battle

    Clarke enters Tory battle Clarke finally puts his name forward Ken Clarke has staked his claim to lead the Conservatives, saying he is the only candidate who can win back the millions of lost voters to the party. The former chancellor ended two weeks of speculation to announce he was standing for the job and immediately dismissed all his rivals.. More

  • Russia rejects US-backed proposals on Iraqi sanctions, submits counterplan

    [Sergey Lavrov, Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations. Read photo caption below]. UNITED NATIONS, (Islamweb & Agencies) - Russia told the Security Council on Tuesday it could not accept a US-backed plan to revamp the UN's Iraqi sanctions regime, and submitted a counter-proposal with a timetable for suspending sanctions. The move cast new doubt.. More

  • Syria's Assad Underlines Israel’s on-going Media Distortion Campaign About its Semitic Credentials

    [Syrian President Bashar Assad walks past Republican Guards at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Read photo caption below]. PARIS (Islamweb & Agencies) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Tuesday Israel's actions could lead to a new Middle East war. ``All Arab governments are trying to show restraint because a war would be in no one's interest. But.. More

  • Lebanon weighing lawsuit against Israel from occupation

    [Israel first entered south Lebanon in 1978, and then orchestrated a full invasion all the way to Beirut in 1982, before scaling back its occupation over a two-year period to a security zone in south Lebanon, which it evacuated only last year.] CAIRO,(Islamweb & Agencies) - Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiqal-Hariri indicated Tuesday that his country is.. More

  • Japan: US Rapist Handed Over

    OKINAWA CITY, Japan (AP) - A U.S. Air Force sergeant suspected of raping a woman on Okinawa island arrived at a police station here Friday, but the U.S. ambassador said talks on his handover were still under way.Police believe Timothy Woodland, a 24-year-old staff sergeant stationed at Okinawa's Kadena Air Base, raped a local woman in her 20s last week.. More

  • Further round of Middle East diplomacy as Intifadha continues

    [One Palestinian casualty was killed crossing the Gaza-Israel border. More than a dozen people have died in violence since the ceasefire began, including eight Palestinians and six Israelis.] NICOSIA, (Islamweb & Agencies) - The Middle East was gearing up for another round of high level diplomacy Sunday, with Washington taking centre stage in a bid.. More

  • Intifadha Confrontations Flare As Diplomats Desperately Seek Political Solution

    [An Israeli tank shell hits a Palestinian neighborhood in the West Bank town of Hebron-Al Khalil,June 25, 2001 during a fierce gunbattle between Palestinians and Israeli occupation troops. Read photo caption below]. JERUSALEM (Islamweb & Agencies) - Fresh Intifadha confrontationsin the West Bank threatened to overshadow talks on Tuesday between Prime.. More

  • Castro Nearly Faints at Speech, But Comes Back

    HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban President Fidel Castro almost fainted and was helped from the stage two hours into a speech on Saturday, but returned within minutes to say he was fine and joked later that it was a ``rehearsal'' for his death. ``I joked saying it was a rehearsal. You could say I was pretending I was dead, to see what my burial would look like,''.. More

  • Macedonian paramilitaries threaten to start killing Muslim Albanians

    [A Macedonian MI 24 attack helicopter shoots flares and rockets at the village of Aracinovo near the capital Skopje June 24, 2001.Read photo caption below]. SKOPJE, (Islamweb & Agencies) - A shady Macedonian paramilitary group has sparked panic among ethnic Albanians in one of Skopje's main markets, threatening to kill storekeepers and burn their.. More