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  • Israel, Palestinians to Gauge Ceasefire Steps

    [Israeli occupation army withdrawing from a position near Ramallah, June, 14, 2001. Read photo caption below] Israel, Palestinians to Gauge Ceasefire Steps JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel and the Palestinians headed to security talks on Friday to gauge early measures on implementing a U.S.-brokered cease-fire, despite violence in which three people.. More

  • Syria Pulls Tanks From Lebanon

    [Syrian soldiers celebrate their with- drawal from the Beirut area.Read photo caption below]. Syria Pulls Tanks From Lebanon CHTAURA, Lebanon (Reuters) - Syria moved tanks out of Lebanon early on Friday, pulling back some of its big military presence but leaving doubts about whether Damascus had substantively loosened its grip on its smaller neighbor... More

  • Two Reporters Die in Algeria

    [Algerian police uses water cannons to disperse protesting Berber Youth in Algiers,the capital;Jun,14,2001. Read photo caption below] Two Reporters Die in Algeria ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) - Police fired water cannons and tear gas at rioters Thursday as hundreds of thousands of protesters marched on Algeria's presidential palace demanding greater democracy.. More

  • Sudan Names New Peace, Information Ministers

    [Sudanese President, Al-Bashir. Read photo caption below.] Sudan Names New Peace, Information Ministers KHARTOUM (Reuters) - President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has named a new ministerial-level peace adviser and a new minister of information and communications in a minor Cabinet reshuffle, state television reported on Thursday. According to the television.. More

  • Sporadic Clashes, 250 Arrests during Bush Summit with EU

    [Protesters in Sweden mocked Bush and dubbed him 'Toxic Texan. Read photo caption below.] Sporadic clashes, 250 arrests during Bush summit with EU GOTHENBURG, Sweden, June 14 (AFP) - Police detained at least 250 people and clashed sporadically Thursday with scores of young stone-throwing protesters as US President George W. Bush met European Union.. More

  • China and Central Asian States Agree to Fight So-called Islamic Militancy and Back ABM Treaty

    [Russia, China and four former Central Asian Republics are united against so- called Islamic militancy.Read photo caption below.] China and Central Asian states Agree to fight so-called Islamic militancy and back ABM treaty SHANGHAI, June 15 (Islamweb, Agencies) - China, Russia and four Central Asian states Friday signed a joint statement in.. More

  • Jordan Dissolves Parliament, Reshuffles Cabinet

    [King Abdallah II, shaking hands with premeir Ali Abu Raghib. Read photo caption below.] Jordan Dissolves Parliament, Reshuffles Cabinet AMMAN (Reuters) - Jordan's King Abdullah dissolved parliament on Saturday but did not set a date for a general election which should be due in November, officials said -- raising the possibility that it could be.. More

  • Bush Heads for NATO to Make Missile Defense Case

    MADRID (Reuters) - President Bush will try to convince skeptical NATO allies on Wednesday that his missile defense plan is a way to prevent nuclear blackmail by rogue states and not to win strategic superiority over Russia. Flying to Brussels on the second leg of his five-nation, five-day European tour, Bush will take his case directly to the North.. More

  • Russia's Putin Engages China's Jiang Ahead of Key Bush Summit

    [See photo caption below] MOSCOW, (AFP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a striking prelude to his delicate meet with US counterpart George W. Bush by dashing to a regional summit Friday in Shanghai for a strategic engagement with China's leader Jiang Zemin. The one-day Shanghai Five summit that groups Russia with China and three Central Asian.. More

  • Troops Find Two Beheaded Filipinos

    [See photo caption below] ZAMBOANGA, Philippines (AP) - Troops scouring a southern Philippine island for rebels holding some 28 hostages discovered two decapitated bodies Tuesday. Officials said both were Filipinos, including a man who had volunteered to negotiate in the 3-week-old crisis. The Abu Sayyaf guerrillas said early Tuesday that they had.. More

  • Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire Enters Critical Stage

    [Israel occupation soldiers maintanining tight closure imposed on the West Bank city of Nablus-More in photo caption below] Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire Enters Critical Stage JERUSALEM (Reuters) - CIA chief George Tenet's cease-fire agreement entered a make-or-break stage on Thursday, after a flareup in fighting shook the pact before it had had.. More

  • Philippines Says Rebel Execution Claim a Bluff

    [American hostage, Guillermo Sobero, more in photo caption below]. Philippines Says Rebel Execution Claim a Bluff ISABELA, Philippines (Reuters) - Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyopledged no let-up in military action against Muslim rebels on Wednesday as military leaders dismissed as a bluff their claim to have beheaded a U.S. hostage... More

  • Policeman Dies as Blasts Rock Strike-Hit Karachi

    [Latest Karachi blasts claim two more lives. More in photo caption below] Policeman Dies As Blasts Rock Strike-Hit Karachi KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Four bombs exploded in the Pakistani port city of Karachi Wednesday, killing one person and wounding 11 others during a day-long strike called by two political parties, police said. The worst blast.. More

  • Nepal Palace Massacre Probe Nearly Complete

    [Maoist rebels may try to take advantage of instability following royal massacre in Nepal. More in photo caption below] Nepal Palace Massacre Probe Nearly Complete KATHMANDU, Nepal (Reuters) - The panel investigating the massacre of almost the entire Nepali royal family is expected to complete its report Thursday despite failing to interview the.. More

  • Palestinians, Israel Accept U.S. Ceasefire Plan

    [See photo caption below] RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – CIADirector George Tenet won Palestinian acceptance on Wednesday for a ``work plan'' already approved by Israel to end eight months of bloodshed. ``We have accepted the American document. Implementation will begin tomorrow,'' Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo told reporters.. More