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  • Berbers Plan to Defy Algerian Gov't

    [Algerians hold a rally in Paris. Read photo caption below.] ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) - Algeria's Berbers plan a protest march next month in a bold new sign of defiance of authorities who banned marches in the capital after a massive demonstration turned violent. The decision was reported by local newspapers and comes amid sporadic clashes between mostly.. More

  • Africa Marvels at First Eclipse of New Millennium

    [The first solar eclipse of the millennium swept across southern Africa June 21, 2001. Read photo caption below]. LUSAKA (Reuters) - The first solar eclipse of the millennium swept across southern Africa on Thursday, thrilling millions of people watching one of nature's great wonders. Onlookers cheered and danced as the eclipse raced eastward, from.. More

  • US fleet in Gulf ordered to sea, Americans warned

    [Missile destroyer USS Cole, attacked and severely damaged in Aden, Oct. 2000.Read photo caption below.] WASHINGTON, (AFP) - The US naval fleet in the Gulf has been ordered to put to sea in response to a credible threat of attack against US interests worldwide by forces linked to exiled Saudi militant Osama bin Laden, US sources said Friday. The threat.. More

  • Taiwan Ready to Test-Fire Patriot Missiles

    [aviation authorities in Taiwan have received orders to advise aircraft about the test-firing of patriot missiles, which starts on June 20. Read photo caption below.] TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan said Tuesday it will test-fire its U.S.-made Patriot missiles for the first time this week in a display of resolve with Chinese war games under way in a nearby.. More

  • Macedonia Struggling to Strike Deal for NATO Help

    [Macedonian Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski. Read photo caption below]. SKOPJE (Reuters) - Macedonia's politicians are running out of time to thrash out a deal intended to persuade Albanian guerrillas to disarm if they want early agreement from NATOto send in troops, Western diplomats said Tuesday. Five days after the start of talks to agree concessions.. More

  • Turkish court rejects Islamists' plea to delay verdict on ban

    ANKARA, (AFP) - Turkey's top court Wednesday undermined a last-ditch effort by the pro-Islamic Virtue Party to escape a possible ban when it rejected a plea to put the imminent verdict on hold. Virtue, accused of anti-secular activities, made the request earlier Wednesday, arguing that parliament was preparing constitutional amendments that would make.. More

  • NATO Offers Troops, if Only Macedonians Can Agree

    [A shaky truce in Macedonia is punctured almost daily by exchanges of light fire between the Slav-dominated security forces and ethnic Albanian freedom fighters. Read photo caption below.] WASHINGTON, (Islamweb & Agencies ) - NATO Secretary General George Robertson warned Wednesday that Macedonia was "close to civil war," and said that NATO was prepared.. More

  • 14 Indicted in Saudi Arabia Bombing

    [US Attorney General John Ashcroft announces indictments against terrorists in the 1996 bombing that killed 19 American servicemen in Saudi Arabia. Read photo caption below.] WASHINGTON (AP) - Thirteen Saudis and a Lebanese alleged to be members of a terrorist group supported by Iranian officials were indicted Thursday, nearly five years after the.. More

  • Powell says "pieces starting to come together" for solid Mideast truce

    [US Secretary of State, Colin Powell greets Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher outside the State Department in Washington. Read photo caption below.] WASHINGTON, (AFP) - US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday he believed the elements to cement a shaky Middle East truce were "starting to come together" despite new violence threatening the.. More

  • Syrian president says army presence in Lebanon is temporary

    [Syrian troops redeploying in Lebanon. Read photo caption below.] PARIS,(AFP) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday said his army's presence in Lebanon was only temporary and that the withdrawal of the Syrian forces hinged on the situation in Lebanon and the Middle East region as a whole. "The Syrian army entered Lebanon for a clearly defined.. More

  • Mideast Antagonists Accuse Each Other of Ceasefire Violations

    [Hundreds of Palestinians prevented from passing to the West Bank Town of Tulkurm.Read photo caption below]. JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The United States voiced hope the cease-fire it brokered between Israel and the Palestinians would survive, as Israeli leaders ``reassessed'' the battered week-old truce. Israeli right-wingers have piled pressure on Prime.. More

  • Three Killed, 34 Hurt in Chechnya Car Bomb Blasts

    [Russia, which lost more than 3,000 servicemen in the latest Chechen campaign, has tried to form police units out of loyal Chechens to help restore order. Read photo caption below]. MOSCOW (Islamweb, Agencies) - Three people were killed and 34 injured when three car bombs exploded in the Chechnyaregion Tuesday, officials said. Chechnya's prosecutor,.. More

  • Putin Warns Against Dismantling Treaty

    [Russian President, Viladimir Putin. Read photo caption below]. MOSCOW (AP) - Russian President Vladimir Putinsaid he and President Bushreached a ``very high level'' of trust during their weekend summit, but warned that Russia would strengthen its nuclear arsenal if the United States developed missile defenses that undermined key security treaties... More

  • U.S. Leaves Yemen Due to Threat

    [The USS Cole was refueling in the Yemeni port of Aden last October when a small harbor skiff pulled alongside it and detonated explosives, killing 17 sailors, injuring 39 others and nearly sinking the ship. Read photo caption below]. WASHINGTON (AP) - FBI agents investigating the October bombing of the warship USS Cole in Yemen were pulled out of.. More

  • Suspects Held after Bangladesh Blast Kills 22

    [Bengladesh bomb blast kills 21. Read photo caption below.] DHAKA, Bangladesh (Reuters) - Bangladesh police arrested three suspects Sunday after a bomb killed 22 people at a ruling Awami League meeting, state news agency BSS said. Fifteen people died at the scene of Saturday night's bombing in Narayanganj, nine miles east of the capital. Nearly.. More