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  • 2016 'deadliest year' for West Bank children in decade

    Israeli forces have killed more Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in 2016 than any other year in the last decade, rights group Defense for Children International (DCI) has said. The organization’s chapter in the occupied Palestinian territories recorded the killings of 32 Palestinian children (under 18), making 2016.. More

  • Idlib overwhelmed by influx of Aleppo's wounded

    When surgeon Mounir Hakimi operated on five-month-old Maram in the Syrian province of Idlib last week, the horrific extent of her injuries quickly became clear. "She lost both her parents in an air strike, has multiple fractures, a wound in her abdomen, and has lost lots of skin," Hakimi told Al Jazeera in a telephone interview. "We.. More

  • Gaza doctors launch an appeal to save children's lives

    Serag Tafesh and Hassan el-Qaied are at risk of dying if the power goes off. Both are two-month-old babies in an intensive care unit at Al Dura, a children's hospital in Gaza, and their life-saving medical equipment stops working when the electricity goes off. The two babies were born with congenital malformations that have left them comatose. Yousef.. More

  • Hunger and desperation: Aleppo siege tests limits of endurance

    As Syria's regime presses a fierce assault on eastern Aleppo, its siege is making life ever harder for civilians who are being forced to sift through garbage for food and scavenge firewood from bombed-out buildings. With winter setting in, shortages of food, medicine and fuel coupled with intense air strikes and artillery bombardment are testing the.. More

  • Israel's Muezzin Bill seeks 'Judaisation of Jerusalem'

    Palestinian politicians in Israel have found an unexpected ally inside the government against a new bill banning mosques from using loudspeakers to broadcast the call to prayer. The so-called Muezzin Bill - named after the person who calls Muslims to prayer - was approved by a ministerial committee on Sunday, on the grounds that it is needed to reduce.. More

  • In east Aleppo 'there is no way out'

    Although residents of besieged east Aleppo have been told to leave immediately, they have no safe way of doing so. Syrian regime forces sent a text message to residents of east Aleppo on Sunday, demanding they leave the opposition-controlled area within 24 hours or risk their lives during a major offensive. Approximately 250,000 people are believed.. More

  • 'Syrian regime's policy of terror targets aid groups'

    With Syria's war entering its sixth year, hundreds of civilians are being killed weekly and at least 1.9 million continue to live under siege, lacking access to life-saving humanitarian aid. Few international aid agencies have been allowed to deliver relief supplies or to work within the country; those that have, are doing so at the high risk of being.. More

  • Fallujah fallout: More than 700 Sunni men 'missing'

    Shia militias in Iraq detained, tortured and abused far more Sunni civilians during the American-backed capture of the town of Fallujah in June than US officials have publicly acknowledged. More than 700 Sunni men and boys are still missing more than two months after ISIL stronghold fell. The abuses occurred despite US “efforts to restrict”.. More

  • Syria: More than 500 civilians killed in one week

    More than 500 Syrian civilians have been killed in a single week, mostly in regime and Russian air raids and shelling, across several cities in the war-torn country. Casualty figures released on Saturday by the Local Coordination Committees (LCC), a grassroots network of activists in Syria, recorded 508 civilians killed between August 13 and August.. More

  • Almost 18,000 died in Syria's prisons: Amnesty

    Almost 18,000 Syrians have died in regime jails since 2011, with authorities using torture, beatings, electric shocks and rape against prisoners on a "massive scale," a rights groups has said. The UK-based Amnesty International said an average of 300 detainees were dying every month in a report on Thursday that it said was based on the experiences.. More

  • Syrian regime forces hit hospitals in Aleppo's 'worst week': rights group

    Syrian regime forces launched air strikes against six hospitals in the Aleppo area within a week in attacks that amounted to war crimes, a U.S.-based rights group said on Wednesday. Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) said it was the worst week for attacks on medical facilities in the Aleppo region since the beginning of the war. The medical facilities.. More

  • UN: Civilians fleeing Fallujah face extreme abuse

    The UN human rights chief has said there are "extremely distressing, credible reports" that Iraqis fleeing the fighting in Fallujah are facing extreme abuse and even death at the hands of Shia armed groups allied with the government troops. Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein, citing witness testimonies, said on Tuesday that allegations of abuse included.. More

  • Iraq humanitarian crisis 'one of the world's worst'

    More than 10 million Iraqis are in need of immediate humanitarian aid, according to UN estimates. Iraqi civilians and officials have voiced concern over the humanitarian situation in the country's western cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. For almost two years now, Fallujah has endured a siege imposed on the city after it became the first to fall to the.. More

  • Israel razing Palestinian buildings at 'alarming' rate

    Israel is razing Palestinian homes and other buildings constructed with international aid at an "alarming" rate, the UN says, with more demolitions so far this year than in all of 2015. In total 121 structures funded partly or fully by international donors were demolished in the occupied West Bank between January 1 and March 2, overtaking.. More

  • Syria: More than 21,000 killed in 2015

    The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said in a Monday report that 1,793 people were killed in December. The group said that this year’s death toll now stands at 21,179 – 75 percent of whom were killed by the Assad regime. The London-based NGO documented 15,748 deaths by regime forces, including 12,044 civilians. At least 2,592 of.. More