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  • Arabia before the Prophet Muhammad –I

    The Arabian Peninsula is enclosed in the west by the Red Sea and Sinai, in the east by the Arabian Gulf, in the south by the Arabian Sea, which is an extension of the Indian Ocean, and in the north by old Syria and part of Iraq. The area is estimated between 1 and 1.25 million square miles. Arab tribes: Arabs have been divided according to lineage.. More

  • What was the mission of Prophets?

    All the messengers of God sent in ancient times came only to admonish man not to commit idolatry and to teach him to worship the one God alone, so that he might accordingly reform his life in this world and share in God’s blessings in the next. But throughout the centuries of human history, the majority of their contemporaries, particularly those.. More

  • The need for Prophets- II

    Present attitude towards the Messengers: As people in the past used to argue with the Messengers, may Allah exalt their mention, reject their teachings and turn away from them, mankind today - when they have reached the pinnacle of material advancement, penetrated the depths of the oceans, gone far into space, split the atom and discovered many of.. More

  • The need for Prophets- I

    Prophets were sent to illuminate the way for mankind Allah sent the Messengers, may Allah exalt their mention, to mankind throughout the ages so that mankind might be guided to the truth and be purified of sins. Those who were enlightened by the Messengers of Allah, found the way to the Divine Presence and attained the highest rank of humanity. The.. More

  • Main Prophets

    Noah (Nooh), may Allah exalt his mention The Holy Books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam speak the same way about Prophet Noah and the great flood. The Quran tells us that he was a Messenger who lived for 950 years. He selflessly dedicated his life to preaching to his people the belief in one God, to leave worshiping idols and statues and to be merciful.. More