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  • Experience of a Canadian woman

    Many may ask why a young, Canadian-born, Caucasian woman would embrace a religion that not only supposedly oppresses women, but takes all her freedom and independence and treats her as a second class citizen. I reject such accusations and pose to them the following question. "Why is it that so many women who have been born and brought up in the.. More

  • From Kabul to the ultimate truth

    This is the story of Yvonne Ridley's journey that started in a Kabul prison and put her on a quest to discover the truth. Islam is by far the most misunderstood religion in the world today thanks to centuries of medieval-style propaganda successfully peddled by bigots and religious zealots. So I should not have been entirely surprised by the almost.. More

  • The tears of finding the truth through the Internet

    Introduction: The following story occurred on the Internet through one of the chat programs (Freetel) in January 1999. It is a real dialogue between a Christian and a Muslim. The story centers on Derek’s realization of today’s Christianity and his subsequent conversion to Islam. This Christian-Muslim dialogue has been edited for readability.. More

  • I had not gone shopping for a new religion

    After twenty-five years a writer in America, I wanted something to soften my cynicism. I was searching for new terms by which to see. The way one is raised establishes certain needs in this department. From a pluralist background, I naturally placed great stress on the matters of racism and freedom. Then, in my early twenties, I had gone to live in.. More